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updated april 1st 2016

Greeting from the left coast.

Things have been busy in general - after releasing the five volume Encinitas and Everything After, i've been presenting new ensembles and writing new music. My longstanding groups Nathan Hubbard/Passengers and Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed are both still active, as well as the trans-state The Scorpion Decides. As always, I am available to present my music or to work in a sideman situation, you can contact me via this website - music (at) castorandpolluxmusic (dot) (com).

The listening section of the Castor & Pollux Music site has been updated, with lots to check out, including a few out of print recordings, live and unreleased material and much more.

With the advent of digital releases and the current download culture, I have opened several bandcamp pages for different projects where you can listen to complete recordings and download them for various small fees. One for myself, one for The Scorpion Decides and one for Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed

New Skeleton Key Orchestra CD ! 

Furiously Dreaming is the second document of this group, a double CD of eight extended compositions featuring a 49 piece strong ensemble. Released on Orenda Records May 20th 2016.

Release concert (and Hubbards 40th b-day concert!) Saturday May 21st 2016 Bread and Salt San Diego CA 8pm

confirmed performers --- 

Ellen Weller, Lee Elderton, Dick McGuane, Adnan Marquez, Ward Baxter, David Borgo, Keith Kelly, Kris Tiner, Ivan Trujillo, Nicolee Kuster, Ray Azevado, Brandon Jagow, Jonathan Piper, Joe Bigham, Dillon Casey, Ed Kornhauser, Branson NeJame, Kristopher Apple, Sharon Taylor, Harley Magsino, Jerome Salazar, Andy Burton, Matt Smith, Molly Whittaker










two new solo releases, the first a cassette of two solo performances

and the second a zip download of five hours of solo performances

dig in, would ya?










My five volume, fifteen years in the making, twenty-five composition strong large work Encinitas and Everything After has been (finally) released. This music is a collection of pieces regarding my home town of Encinitas, and features seventy two performers and the ensembles Return To One, Cosmologic, Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra, Nathan Hubbard/Everything After, Nathan Hubbard/Hourglass Ensemble as well as many others. You can stream and download all five volumes here, and there are physical copies available if you're one of those people that still do that.

These recordings won "Best Jazz Recording" at the San Diego Music Awards 2014.

Here is a nice article about this project from San Diego CityBeat.

Here is a nice article about this article from San Diego Troubadour.

Here is a an interview on KSDS88.3FM and some background information

To celebrate my five volume, fifteen year in the making, twenty-five composition strong, large work Encinitas and Everything After, I spent from January to May 2014 presenting monthly release concerts - one a month, putting together groups of long-time comrades to perform each release. This was a daunting task, as some of this music had never been performed live, and (almost) each track of each volume features a different lineup/ensemble. Thanks to everyone involved for making this possible.

Here is a review of the January concert

and here is a review of the May concert.







The Scorpion Decides has met the challenges of being a trans-state group with aplomb, with myself, Branson NeJame, and Jerome Salazar in CA and Keith Kelly in AZ. We've released three live recordings (The Desert Will Prevail Vol. 1 + 2 + 3), with more to come. In addition, TSD has a collaborative recording with Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed (New Encinitas), and TSD can also be heard on Volumes Four and Five of Encinitas and Everything After.

Nathan Hubbard/Passengers has a new set of pieces (Boundary Structures) that we are currently performing and workshopping. We have scaled down, back to the five piece lineup after the huge lineup that was used for the for the Parameters compositions. New-ish lineup has been kicking butt and we've had some great performances recently, including the Ensenada Jazz Festival.

San Diego Music Wire podcast here of the group





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