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Stuff thats been out for a while but you should still check out - three new EPs - the first (Aegis I) is a long form noise/glitch cutup, the second (Aegis II) is three noise tracks focusing on a single instrument/processor, and the third (Drive (for JS) is a longform drone piece dedicated to Jesse Sanderson. You can find more info from the links below - enjoy -

Aegis I
Aegis II
Drive (for JS)


My most recent solo CD (percussion and electronics), entitled Blind Orchid, has been released on Accretions Records. This recording is a follow up to my previous solo recording Born On Tuesday, and continues many of my solo interests in extended sound possibilities, pacing, flow, room acoustics, text and my continued interest in changing grains of fidelity. This recording was recorded entirely @ Termite Studio, was mastered by Steve Langdon and features my own artwork.


some very nice reviews coming in 

My film making continues, I'm hoping to release a document of this work soon. I've been putting in some serious time working on film music for these films, including music from Hubbard, BeforeGlatter/HubbardOgd_S(11) Translation Has Failed, the Rubberband and Rats Nest.

Seven of these films (w music) were debuted at Spring Reverb 2010.





Summer 2011 - After twelve years, Cosmologic has shut down its doors. Thank you to Michael, Jason and Scott for all the good times. Thank you to everyone that has come out to a concert or bought a CD over that time. Thank you to all the promoters and bands that have helped us. If you haven't heard this music i'll remind you that all the CDs are still in print and available from myself or the cosmologic website -




My three part concert on December 21st 2009, entitled Three Concerts For The Winter Solstice, was a great success and a very long day. I performed solo on the Sunrise Highway at dawn, performing duo with Ellen Weller at noon at Ponto Beach, and presented the debut of a new "electro" quintet called passengers that night at Desi'N'Friends. Please check the site for more info - winter solstice. And there is a video at your right to check out -



These concerts are dedicated to the memory of Maryanne Amacher.



I've started a new solo audio/video project concerning autonomous music played by windchimes, kite whistles and aeolian harps. The project is called Lost Balloon Company, and here is the website to check out - here.







Cosmologic have a new CD out entitled Eyes In The Back Of My Head, available on Cuneiform Records.

Cosmo will be headed back to the East Coast in March 2010, including a gig @ The Stone in NYC and several performances in Massachusets. Check out the website for more info.




I've received word that Max Neuhaus has passed away. I've written a short farewell to him on the journal page. I will miss you Max.









Nathan Hubbard/Everything After have been busy recently with fairly new lineup.
We're still working on a CD, which has been in the works for several years and will take several more.
I've posted two videos of recent performances here and here. And the website has been overhauled again - here.





Spring Reverb has come and gone, you can check out what happened at Spring, this years festival was a three day affair. I performed with Curtis Glatter (who came out from Detroit for the festival), Rat's Nest, Wormhole and Borborymus.

there are also several videos up here


April 08 - Curtis Glatter was in town for a little over a week and Glatter/Hubbard had a nice performance kicking off Spring Reverb 08. We also spent a few days in the studio, recording material for an upcoming release as well as a new piece for amplified Go-Cart and two percussionists - you can check out the video at left.

more info here - Glatter/Hubbard







My spring west coast solo tour 2008 was a raging success, thanks to Nate Atwood for putting up with me for the long drive. And special big thanks to Noah Phillips, Rent Romus, C J Borosque, Jesse Hix, Ted Killian and family, Lee Elderton and Megan, Paul Kikuchi and Tiffany, Gregg Keplinger, Wilson and everyone at 1412, Bill Horist, Ward and Aurora Baxter, Tim DuRoche, Anna, Jason Dunne, Cory Wright, the Berkeley Police Department, Scott Rosenberg and Dan Cantrell. There are four videos of the tour here.

Best driving time of the tour - West Oakland to San Marcos, seven hours (11pm to 6am). Cheers.

I've built a new site for my great-grandmother Stella Hubbard featuring almost all of her paintings, as well as lots of other information. here is the site.

I love and miss you Stella.






Nov. 07 - Curtis Glatter was in town for a little over a week and Glatter/Hubbard recently performed a slew of gigs and recordings (five gigs and three recording sessions in six days). We kicked off the first concert of the NSDT series for this season as a duo and with Glatters electronic quartet Triokastra. Also, we also returned to the site of our very first gig and performed on the San Diego Libraries Film Series, performing music with film from our recent recording Rivulet and well as new music for six of my films. Other gigs included an LA date @ Dangerous Curve, a concert @ Palomar College and a radio interview with Miff Mole.

more info here - Glatter/Hubbard



October 07 - I was recently nominated for "Best Jazz" by the San Diego Music Awards. Although i didn't win, thanks to everybody who voted for me.......




fall 07 - Spent two enjoyable days in the studio with Jason Robinson, Kamau Kenyatta and Rob Thorsen recording several tracks for a new Jason Robinson CD. In addition to the quartet tracks, we recorded with pianist Anthony Davis and a woodwind + one brass sextet. The picture at left is Scott Walton conducting that ensemble. Special thanks to Rob for spilling Snapple all over me at the last session........

this music has been released as the recording Fingerprint.



fall 07 - i've been thinking about (and listening to) Collin Walcott quite a bit in the last several weeks. I first heard Collin on the Oregon recording Winterlight. I never got a chance to see him live, but he has been a major influence on me.







and speaking of new websites, i've been hard at work on sites for a few of my groups, here is one of them -
Nathan Hubbard Octet

i've also overhauled the Glatter/Hubbard site and there are major structural changes on this site - here are a few pages to check out -

the kit page has been updated and backlogged - here
i've finally made a complete list of my compositions - here
and there are a plethora of new promo shots on the promo page - here




The quintet Everything After has spent the last several months rehearsing and performing, gearing up for recording. This is my first document of my mallet playing (outside of overdubs on previous recordings) and the two different quintets together form a cohesive project for my compositions.
Both quintets have recorded (the first, Scott Walton/bass, Gabriel Sundy/bass clarinet, Ellen Weller/flute and clarinet, Brad Dutz/percussion and myself/vibraphone) @ Apperson Studios on July 22nd, and the second (Rick Helzer/piano, Justin Grinnell/bass, Jeanette Kangas/drumkit, Melonie Sacalamitao/voice and myself/vibraphone and marimba) with Steve Langdon on August 3rd.
Editing and mixing continues and the last several weeks have been spent on overdubs (more percussion, mallets, tack piano, etc.) - this is where it gets fun. I'm hoping to have the recording out by the fall, i'll keep you posted......

new website - Nathan Hubbard/Everything After

June 07 - Just back from a few concerts in the Bay Area, three gigs with guitarist Noah Phillips, one with Moe!kestra and i also got to perform with Scott Looney, Nate Atwood and Eric GlickRieman in Oakland and C.J. Reaven Borosque, Matt Davignan, Rent Romus, Bob Weller and most of the Trummerflora Collective in Big Sur. The video at left features most of the action.

new Phillips/Hubbard site as well......






Spring Reverb 2007 is here.......and gone. I'll have pictures up soon, i've also posted a few videos, you can check those out here.

Cosmologic recently got back from our first tour of western Europe, i still feel a bit whiplashed from the jetlag. We had a great time, good gigs, good food, great hospitality. I'll have pictures up soon on the journal page. Giant thanks to Jos Demol for all his help on this trip.


Also, we spent two days @ Souden Studios in San Clemente 12/06 recording material for a new CD and have spent the last month mixing the material with engineer Steve Langdon.

Cosmologic's most recent CD is titled III, featuring four new compositions by Hubbard and two composition each by Jason Robinson and Michael Dessen. The CD also features guitarist Al Scholl as a guest and is available from Circumvention Music.

a few reviews here of the new CD

I recently spend two days working on the new Castanets recording. Masterfully engineered by Rafter Roberts and under the careful eye of Ray Raposa, we cut a few things live and then overdubbed drumkit and a bit of percussion. Looking forward to the final product, gentlemen!
February 2007 - Erik Grizwold was in town a few weeks ago, and Erik, Scott Walton and myself got together to listen to the recordings we made two years ago (!), pick our favorites and get this project moving. We are hoping to have the recording out in the fall, more info to come. For now, you can check out our track on the new Rubble 2 compilation CD.

The ARC Trio CD is done and available now from this website as well as Circumvention Music.

Titled Triptych Mirror, this is the debut recording for the ARC Trio and will be released on Circumvention Music. Recorded in June with engineer James Burton, the CD was mixed by Nathan Hubbard and Justin Grinnell, mastered by Steve Langdon and features artwork by Andrew West.

Thanks to everyone that made it out to the release concert @ Dizzy's - we all had fun, hope you did as well......

We also have a brand new site designed by Justin Grinnell - ARC



Recently released - Trummerflora : Rubble 2, a new compilation of works from members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective. Hubbard is featured on several of the tracks - an improvisation from the prepared piano trio of Erik Grizwold/Scott Walton/Nathan Hubbard, a improvisation by Curtis Glatters electro-acoustic ensemble Obscuricon and two brand new tracks by Skeleton Key Orchestra.






Hubbards CD release, (compositions 1998-2005) is finally done and available now. Over five years in the making, this project has morphed from its original concept into a double CD of many unheard chamber compositions for different ensembles, including the addition of the double octet + tape piece painting on glass, the tape and trio piece for DPH, the orchestra piece Shards Of Memory and many, many others. The CD features (almost) everyone i've been playing with in the last few years, including Scott Walton, Jason Robinson, Lee Elderton, Ward Baxter, Marcos Fernandes, Chris Harrison, Jay Easton, Angela House, Stephanie Robinson, Christopher Adler, Ellen Weller, Justin Grinnell, Gascia Ouzounian, Ty Constant, Curtis Glatter, Brandon Jagow, Steve Vertigan, Damon Holzborn and many others.

reviews are starting to creep in, check them out here.

The Unmentionables, the trio of Kris Tiner (trumpet), Noah Phillips (electric guitar) and Nathan Hubbard (drumkit/electronics) performed at the Ventura Experimental Music Festival on Saturday May 6th 2006. And a few weeks later, the group performed in Bakersfield and the Bay Area, culminating in a bit of recording with engineer to the stars Myles Boisen. And to conclude our trip, we had two performances the following weekend in the Los Angeles area.

We also have a 3" EP that has just been released in April 2006 on Castor & Pollux Music. The EP was recorded during our fall tour August 2005 at KFJC and features three improvisations. New website as well -


Spring Reverb 06, Trummerfloras annual spring festival, flew by in the blink of an eye. This year the festival was a four day affair at four different venues, and here is where i performed -
Thursday May 4th The Honey Bee Hive - with G.E. Stinson (and DJ Tenshun) and Borborygmus
Friday May 5th The Museum Of Making Music - with David Borgo/Rick Helzer/Gunnar Biggs
Sunday May 7th Cal State University San Marcos - with Something Strange Is Afoot, Wormhole, Vinny Golia, in a quartet with Paquito Villa, Jason Robinson and Tracy McMullen, and conducting the Trummerflora High School Honors Band.

The Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble spend a cold long night in St. Cecilias Playhouse on Friday December 16th 2005, recording Hubbards new percussion suite for the ghosts/while we sleep. As you can tell from the picture on the left, Hubbard barely made it there he had so much equipment stuffed in his truck. Marcos Fernandes, James Burton, Don Nichols, Curtis Glatter and Nate Atwood all quickly learned, rehearsed and recorded Hubbards pieces along with solo and duo improvs in various locations thru-out the building. More pictures and info to come.....



Skeleton Key Orchestra performed at the Ensenada Jazz Festival on Sunday September 25th 2005. SKO premiered five new compositions + one older piece that has never been performed. The 21 member ensemble featured an extended electronics/keyboards section, a new horn player, all your favorite saxophonists, a killer brass section, the double rhythm section we've been waiting for and NMH conducting. We had a great time, and the crowd was wonderful (standing ovation, demands for an encore). On a sad note, this was Al Scholls last gig with SKO as he is moving to Colorado. Special thanks to Adnan Marquez, Ernesto G. Rosas Montoya and Joaguin Bohigas.



Ellen Weller-soprano saxophone, clarinet and flute
Adnan Marquez-alto saxophone
Tracy McMullen-soprano and tenor saxophone
Jason Robinson-tenor saxophone and clarinet
Gabriel Sundy-baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Isaac Tubb-trumpet, flugelhorn
John Reynolds-trumpet, flugelhorn
Kelley Coker-horn
Dwight Dillon-trombone
Brandon Jagow-bass trombone
Sam Behar-tuba
Al Scholl-electric guitar
Tom McNalley-electric guitar
Scott Walton-acoustic bass
Justin Grinnell-acoustic bass
Melonie Sacalamitao-fender rhodes
Stephanie Robinson-theremin, sampler, electronics
Jon Calzo-turntables
James Burton-drumkit
Nate Atwood-drumkit
Nathan Hubbard-tunes, conducting
The Skeleton Key Percussion Quartet debuted constant flow (Hubbard) with dancer Rebecca Bryant at Trummerflora's annual Spring Reverb festival in June 2005. This was SKO's third performance at Spring Reverb. While not as logistically insane as last years performance with Vinny Golia, the performance was excellent, with the fantastic setting of the Wonderbread building adding quite a bit to the piece. Maybe we'll put it out at some point......

Adrian Rollini Trio finished its first tour in March 2005 (San Diego to Seattle), with too much driving and a string of great gigs. We also recorded the material and are all scratching our head about what to do with it. Thanks to everyone involved with the tour, especially Mitch LeMay, Tom Swafford, Jay Easton, Angie + Earl, Ward and Aurora, Carole Patterson, Rent Romus, Danny Cantrell and Phillip Greenlief. An overview of the tour is now up on the journal page. New website as well - SSIA - at this writing we are changing the name of the group to Something Strange Is Afoot - sorry about the confusion....


February 2005 - Curtis Glatter and Nathan Hubbard are happy to announce the release of their first CD, Rivulet, on Circumvention Music. The Glatter/Hubbard Duo uses percussion and electronics to create their music, and the recording documents the duos previous three years of performing and collaborating. The CD features three extended tracks inspired by filmmakers Carl Dreyer, Jean Cocteau and Akira Kurasawa.