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Nathan Hubbard films


fold:bend:break I

(12:20, 2007) an investigation in color using slowly morphing still shots of wood. extremely slow and beautiful - color.

fold:bend:break  II

(12:20, 2007) an investigation in color using slowly morphing still shots of wood and stone. extremely slow and beautiful - color, but very dreary.

for Gia

(?, 2007) slowly morphing images of pavement and stone. slow and beautiful, in memory of Gia - color.


(7:44, 2007) a long version of film of the moon, processed and time edited. bright, flickery and very fast moving- color.


(8:40, 2007) a morphing film using extremely processed still shots. geometric and obsessive - black and white.

steady break of interrupted silence

(7:25, 2007) a morphing film using processed still shots, mostly based in white. slow, pushing boundaries of what is visible from a white backdrop - black and white with moments of color.

dog's eye view

(4:38, 2007) a very dark film using live film of different lights, processed footage of fences and morphing still shots. slow moving, pixelly and glorious - color.


(4:37, 2007-2008) slow moving, processed footage of leaves and grass. in tribute to Ingmar Bergman - color.


(12:10, 2007-2008) dark footage of lights, morphing images, leaves and landscapes - color.


(8:10, 2008) an extremely slow morphing film using still shots of corroded concrete and metal. there is also a shorter version of the same footage. beautiful and numbing - color.