The first two (three) concerts of Nathan Hubbard/Passengers were presented as a tribute group to Gary Burtons seminal group and recordings of the 1970's (Passengers and Ring, mostly). Hubbard began to write original material for the group at this time, but it never worked out for multiple reasons. However, the group did perform early versions of "Slack Theory IV" and "once more around this burning sphere".
The original line-up was Hubbard/vibes, Justin Grinnell/e bass, Harley Magsino/e bass, Laurel Grinnell/drumkit, with Nick Tocco joining us on electric guitar for the last two performances.
  For several years, Nathan Hubbard and Nazo Zakkak worked as duo (organ and drums), performing "jazz" and other background music for people eating food in restaurants. The name of the group was Horse Latitudes. Towards the end of their performing career, they presented several performances outside their usual spots, with Hubbard on vibraphone. There they performed pieces involving long drones, extended notation, repetitive elements and many other facets that make up the Passengers musical world. They also gave the first performance of Pattern Field I.
  On September 5th 2012, Nathan Hubbard presented a concert at The Trunk Space in Phoenix AZ to debut the complete Parameters I + II.

performers -

nathan hubbard - vibraphone/glockenspiel

aaron diaz - electric guitar
jacob lauxman - electric guitar
jeff libman - electric guitar
alex oliverio - electric guitar
stan sorenson - electric guitar

jacob adler - piano
aleksey izotov - keyboard
branson nejame - keyboard
chris pena - keyboard

chad cole - electric bass
alex meltzer - electric bass
jerome salazar - electric bass
theodore sistrunk - electric bass

ryan anthony - drumkit
peter breslin - drumkit
jacob eary - drumkit