"who would want to see a bunch of pictures of your drumkits?" - Kelly

multi-percussion setup for a trio performance to promote the Skeleton Key Orchestra release -- in this case we were trio, woodwinds, bass and myself, so I played vibraphone, conga, cymbal and small percussion -- two wood blocks, two bells, and a few different shakers.


setup for a theatre performance of Bye Bye Birdie, note the center mounted triangle, the bongoes and all the extras on the floor - when a large portion of the show gets cut, you start to take instruments away that are not being used. Spring 2016 San Diego


studio recording with Chris Schlarb in LA for a few different things, we tracked vibraphone, glockenspiel, and tone bells on a few different records he was working on. I love stacking all three of these instruments for "mallet choir" gloriousness.


Parker Edison on Tonight in San Diego --- cool situation where I function as both drummer and producer/DJ, so i'm running tracks that I created thru in-ears and playing live. 20" 70's ludwig kick, 60's ludwig supraphonic, 60s zildjian hihats, sabian crash.


sometimes you end up in a corner of a restaurant with no room and a stern look from the manager about volume. usually its best just to leave, honestly. if people don't want music, why book it? other times you pare down and make it work.


setup for theatre show Dogfight in San Diego, I finally got this pit vibraphone working by building a pedal mechanism for the damper bar and using snare stands as fake legs. The kit is a Omnitone 70s japanese import w a converted slingerland marching snare as a floor tom, all the cymbals are zildjian and the bell lyre is a WFL.


setup for a trio gig at the Athenaeum spring 2015, a fun kit w a calf skin Nyabinghi bass drum, 16" ludwig floor, 12" ludwig tom, 14" ludwig blackrolite snare, and an LP mini conga. cymbals are 21" istanbul, 20" zildjian crash of doom, 15" old zildjians, and a stand w finger cymbals and two triangles, one made from rebar and the other steel. little video of the gig here.


setup for music to a silent movie at the Loft UCSD 2014, big 28" ludwig scotch bass drum, 18" tama floor tom, slingerland snare, a bucket, several broken or modified cymbals, hihats and a table of small percussion, mostly almglocken.


setup for a gig with vocalist Grey Romande in the OC 2014. This is a Omnitone kit (70s japanese import) w a 20" kick and 12" tom, a 14" slingerland snare, plus conga, marktree and finger cymbals, mounted tambourine, 21" istanbul ride, 18" pre-aged K crash-ride, 14" 70s A zildjian hihats (w keplinger ring).


crazy cut up of my setup for Wizard Of OZ summer 2013 at Moonlight Ampitheatre. Three timps, xylophone, glockenspiel, chimes, vibes, sus cymbal, tambourine, rachet, triangle, two jam blocks, airhose, and four mixing bowls.


extra lofi pic from a gig at the Void San Diego .

20" no name kick, 14" ludwig acrolite snare, 14" 80s metal ludwig snare, trashcan lids cymbal, and three hihats - 11" cut down zildjians, 14" non name top w tambourine jingles + china bottom, 8" no name cut down cymbals. Electronics are a laptop running tracks, left channel click to the headphone amp, right channel tracks to the PA.




Nathan Hubbard/Double Triangle at the Open Gate series in Eaglerock CA June 2013, playing double drums w Ted Byrnes. 16" ludwig kick, 15" slingerland field drum/floor tom, 12" no name tom, 14" ludwig acrolite snare, two large spoxe for hihats, no name top and china bottom hihat, 7" cut down hihats, camber ride w 6 pieces of cymbal rivets to it, and a reco reco. plus a bunch of junk on the floor.



gig playing double drums with Jeanette Kangas for a concert performing the music of Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman record Song X.

16" ludwig kick, 14" ludwig snare, 15" hihats, 18" zildjian breatbeat ride, 10" unknown double stacked cymbal. Electronics are an octopad triggering sounds from an old 505 drum machine, which was run thru a kaoss pad. Also a circuit bent DD5 drum module and a handheld radio, all going out to a powered speaker.




solo gig at Mesa College SD CA February 13th 2013.

3 piece kit - 16" ludwig kick, 14" gretsch floor, 14" ayotte snare, 11" hihats, 18" sabian modified cymbal covered w fabric, 20" unknown ride w 6 pieces of cymbal riveted on. Lots of extra preparations and stuff on the floor.





super cut-up of the kit from This Middle Ground performances + some lamps, a cattle grate and a dawg. April 2012 San Diego CA.

from left to right - boss 303, discman/walkman, mixer, octapad, 10" double snare, no name hihats, stand w garbage can lids stacked + stagg bell + keplinger bell, ludwig acrolite, no name stacked 12" cymbals, 16" ludwig kick, 21" mel lewis ride + cut down sabian bell, 18" ludwig floor, no name 16" cymbal w 8 tambourine jingles.



setup for a Rafter gig at the Soda Bar SD CA spring 2012 - early 60's slingerland 24" kick and 16" floor tom, 70s ludwig acrolite snare, unknown hihats w keplinger jingler, two crashes and a stacker hihat thing.






a slightly lofi pic of a kit for the upcoming Rafter ragu record - 24" slingerland kick, 16" slingerland floor tom, Rafters 13" rogers tom and Curtis Glatters 14" ludwig acrolite. Plus 15" zildjian hihats, a 20" unknown ride and Rafters 22" paiste ride, which was later replaced with a 21" mel lewis istanbul ride.

Kick mic and one OH plus a room mic - this whole thing went to 1" tape. Oh analog.

We later overdubbed a ton of percussion.


an extra nasty kit for the Rafter Quiet Storm recording - 24" unknown single tension kick, 16" slingerland floor tom, 14" yamaha snare. Plus a 21" keplinger cymbal and a stacked set of several cymbals - 17" K zildjian crash/16" tamb cym/cut down sabian and a stagg black metal bell. don't forget the double pedal.

Super fun miking on this one - one mic place on the floor in front of the kick (no stand) and a 57 wrapped around my neck and hanging down my chest.



almost all of my set up from a production of Miss Saigon at Moonlight Ampitheatre September 2010. Xylo/Glock to the left (plus a large tam tam). Drumkit w 20" WFL kick, 14" ludwig snare, Rafters rototoms, 20" slingerland floor and 28" side mounted bass drum. Paiste crash + small bell, zildjian 13" hihats, 6" zildjian splash (under rotos), no name ride, sabian china + paiste tam tam, kyeezee and pit chimes out of picture. Small percussion - two bell trees, mark tree over the ride, temple blocks, kabuki clappers, cricket, two tibetan bells, engelhart shaker + homemade bottle shaker and various small hanging metal bells.


My supa-small kit for a gig w Rafter at the Peppermill Festival 2010 in British Columbia Canada. 16" kick w mounted splash/hihat/cowbell and then 10" single sided snare with three mounted cowbells. Add two shakers for my left shoe and a washboard tie and we're ready to go. August 2010.









A shot of my killer tambourine pedal/lo boy combination for a random conga gig. june 2010.










Telematics gig @ UCI December 2009, premiering a new composition by Michael Dessen. 18" ludwig kick, 20" slingerland floor (still needs covering), 12" ludwig tom, 14" ayotte snare. 15" k zildjian hats, an 18" spoxe + 15" k + stagg bell. 21" mel lewis ride + sabian bell + keplinger bell. and the all important gong rack - paiste 20" tam and a funny metal plate that moe! gave me a few years back. Plus a few smaller cymbals on the floor, i think the only one i used was the 11" cut down paiste on the chair under the tam tams.



doom - from a recording session for This Middle Ground. My still in the works big green sparkle kit - 26" yamaha kick, 20" slingerland floor (you can't see it in the shot), 15" ludwig tom, 14" ludwig super-sensitive snare, 26" zildjian crash, 20" unknown crash, 15" zildjian hihats. And dig that homemade sub-woofer mic on the kick. November 2009?










my david hockney inspired cut up pic - percussion for a three week run of Cats @ Moonlight Ampitheatre Summer 2009. Clockwise from the left - 28" Jupiter bass drum, 2 ludwig timps, cymbal stand w sus cym/two jam blocks/tamb, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone and tam tam. Also, a rachet and triangle on the front music stand, maraca on the xylo, shaker on the right mallet stand and a set of bongoes in the middle of the setup.




an extra small setup for a six week run of the show Yank! at Diversionary Theatre Summer 2008. 20" no name kick, 14" Ludwig snare, the hihats are a 15" 40s Instanbul K top and an 80s A bottom, 16" medium thin A zildjian crash and a 10" A custom splash.






setup pic from my solo tour spring 2008. From the left you see my pedal table (clockwise from mixer - boss compressor, boss super shifter, boss delay, midfi electronics random number generator, sansamp GT2, 4MS Tremulus and an Electro-Harmonics POG) and the new squareframe. The kit has a 16" ludwig kick, a 14" gretsch floor, a LP junior conga, a 6" PVC tom and a 14" ayotte snare. The cymbals are 11" hihats, a factory metal iron cross with a homemade 16" aluminum cymbal stacked on top, a funky 10" cymbal in the middle, and a broken 17" paiste with a sabian 9" bell and a small 5" bell cymbal (both lathed) stacked on top. There is also a large aluminum thundersheet to the right. In the middle are a temple block, a wood block and a reco reco plus various junk on the floor. Seattle March 2008.  Thanks Paul......

whew, finally a pic without a snare drum. Glatter/Hubbard gig @ the San Diego Library October 2007. Laptop, sampler, and mixer fill out the electronics portion of the rig (i was running everything thru a mackie powered speaker). Percussion - floor tom, cymbal tree and floor junk (small cowbells, two Tibetan bells, woodblock, temple block, flour sifter, lens drum, chains, various cymbals).




In the pit, summer 2007, for West Side Story at Moonlight Ampitheatre. The main portion of this setup is two timpani, a vibraphone and a xylophone (mounted above the vibes). I've also got a set of old ludwig bongoes + two cowbells and a splash on the left, and a suspended cymbal, two jam blocks and a percussion table (guiro, two maracas, claves, a tambourine, castanet machine and a slide whistle) on the right. Don't forget the triangle mounted on the music stand.





Picture from KFJC May 2007 - duo with Noah Phillips. This is the "regular" solo kit seen below, but note several new things - the cut down junior conga, the newly re-covered red sparkle kick (as seen below), the new triple stacker cymbal stands and, although it very hard to see, the new single headed floor tom with built in pickup. Several new cymbals as well, a mountable bell plate and that crazy factory metal iron cross thing. Also of note is the new snareframe next to the hihat. And i've finally started carrying around a pedal table for my effects, its my great-grandfathers TV table - you can see it off to the right with all my pedals and board. Nate Atwood took this picture. may 25th 2007.


The setup from a performance at Sledgehammer Theatre, performing composer Tim Roots solo percussion piece Shoes-UI-Teeth. As you can see, the piece calls for eight drums, four mounted above the other. Bottom row - 16" single headed taiwanese, 12" ludwig, pair of ludwig bongos. Top row - 15" single headed tama artstar, 12" yamaha, LP bongos. I also used several different mallets - wood, several grades of plastic, yarn, shaker mallets and a pair of dreadlocks. May 2007.




A session pic for Cosmologic, recording Eyes In The Back of My Head at Souden Studio in San Clemente. 16" ludwig kick, 14" gretsch floor, 12" ludwig tom, 14" ayotte snare, 10" SDDP snare and a 29" timpani (yeah). I was swapping out cymbals a lot during this session, for this pic there is an 18" K zildjian flat ride, an 18" zildjian remix breakbeat ride, 13" K zildjian hihats and a 8" a custom zildjian splash.




OK - i hate large setups. so this picture is pretty funny - from a recording session for blind orchid at termite studios. The two kicks are a 26" yamaha (green sparkle) and a 16" ludwig, there is an 18" ludwig floor (red sparkle), a 16" yamaha floor and a 14" gretsch floor. On the left is an LP conga, in between the kicks is a junior conga and my 6" PVC tom. Snares - 14" ayotte and a 10" sddp snare with double snares. Metals - (from the left) zildjian zilbell, 26" zildjian, 22" paiste 602, 11" k zildjian, cut down paiste bell, 18" k zildjian flatride and an 18" paiste tam tam. Also note the woodblock table - two ridged african blocks, two woodblocks and a templeblock. This is the kit heard on the track witchball. september 2006.

A big setup for The Sound Of Music at Moonlight Ampitheatre, i'm playing drumkit, bells, timpani and some auxilary percussion. The bass drum is a 20" no name taiwanese model, the snare is a 14" ludwig, the hihats are 13" K zildjian and the crash is an 18" medium thin A zildjian. Thats an LP woodblock, Curtis Glatters tambourine, a set of musser bells and two ludwig timpani. also note the triangle hanging from the music stand. july 2006.



ARC Trio recording session - same kit as below with a lot more percussion - reco reco, temple block and a woodblock in the middle of the kit. also, check out the panderio and triangle left of the hihat, and the cowbell/woodblock mount beneath the hihat. Not pictured is a tam tam on the left side, bongoes on the right and a vibraphone. Justin Grinnell took this picture. june 21st 2006.





a slightly blurry pic from Voz Alta - 5 piece kit, 16" ludwig kick, 14" gretsch floor, 12" ludwig tom, 14" ayotte snare, 10" sunlight snare, 2 18" rides, a 20" pang and 13" hihats + cowbell pedal and floor percussion - cosmologic gig. Sophie Plassard took this picture. january 14th 2006.






a "rock" session pic - he he he. a gray 70's yamaha kit - 22" kick, 16" floor, 12" tom, 14" ayotte snare. 13" K hihats, 16" and 17" zildjian crashes and i believe thats a sabian ride borrowed from my buddy Dan Doerfler. dig that port hole on the kick.......sometime 2005, session for Kevin Tinkle.









pic from recording session with Erik Grizwold and Scott Walton. 16" ludwig kick, 14" gretsch floor,12" yamaha tom, 14" ayotte snare. temple block, woodblock, reco reco, and bell cymbal mounted. 18" flatride and breakbeat ride, 13" hihats. percussion box and a few floor percussion things, mostly cymbals. also note the two bell plates (one steel, one aluminum, both homemade) to the left. Some of this music was released on the Trummerflora compilation Rubble 2. january 2005.




the solo kit - 16" ludwig kick, 14" gretsch floor, junior conga, 8" PVC tom, 14" ayotte snare. ridged pipe on floor, temple block, woodblock, reco reco, merengue guiro and bell cymbal mounted. various cymbals, usually lots of small bell cymbals. floor percussion and usually the percussion box. frame 1 + pignose amp and various pedals. Kelly took this picture at a gig @ voz alta where i performed duos with don nichols and jon calzo. august 21st 2004.






another cosmo pic - this one from a recording session for III. The red tama kit, 18" kick, 14" floor, 10" tom, 14" ayotte snare + all sorts of floor percussion. 13" hihats, 18" breakbeat ride, 20" unknown ride and a broken 16" crash + several small bell cymbals and a 6" splash. the parts you can't see are - 18" ludwig floor tom, a 20" paiste tam tam, a 12" tama snare, a suitcase marimba, toy glockenspiel and a ton of other junk. Jason Robinson took this picture. july 24th 2004.




CD release concert for the Born On Tuesday  recording @ Spruce Street Forum. This was the end of me using the amplified kit and also one of the few times i've used frame 2 live. Note the solo kit with an earlier version of the PVC tom, a hubcap next to the hihat, and small cymbals all around. Contact mics on all drums and a few cymbal stands and my usual electronics rig of this period with several stomp boxes and a sampler. After spending two hours setting this crap up, i decided to scale down the equipment for future gigs. October 20th 2002.


a Jane Lui pic from a recording session for Cosmologics Syntaxis CD - the red kit + a left hand snare, four gawd-damn pedals and a ton of percussion. Custom seat cover/stick pouch made by my mother. March 2002.






solo gig on the sunrise highway, laguna mountains. this is the start of changing my setup for the kit instead of using the same formalized kit for everything. for this gig i brought a 16" ludwig kick, a 14" tama floor, a 14" ayotte snare, a temple block, cowbell and woodblock and a bunch of small bell cymbals. add a hihat and a homemade shaker and that covers it. Greg Buhlert took this picture because he was the only person at this performance, if you don't include the wild turkeys, passing cars, various birds and deer we saw. november 30th 2001.











Setup for Ragtime at Moonlight Ampitheatre - August/September 2002. Half daves yamaha kit, half extra percussion, including a slingerland 28" scotch bass drum, a tam tam/woodblock/cup chimes/bell plate, firebell, cricket, multiple triangles and a ratchet.







Recording session for the Return To One album Hopes and Dreams. The tama artstar kit, 18" kick, 14" floor, 10" tom, 13" K zildjian hihats, 18" K zildjian crash/ride, 18" K zildjian flatride with an 8" EFX mounted above it and finally a 14" unknown cymbal given to me by my brother Zach, i drew the circles on it and tape the bottom for ultra-dryness. May 2000.




he he - big band gig @ the coronado jazz festival circa 1998? i'm playing percussion, mostly vibes w/ congas and a small timbale/percussion setup. you also see the start of the percussion box on the vibraphone - at this point it was mostly jingly things and a few shakers. Don Kuhli took this picture - dig that sweater......





oh my gawd, this was a long time ago - me in the garage circa 1994 - note the purecussion kit, two spoxes, one small bell cymbal, three mounted saw blades, mounted tambourine and a set of bells to the right of the hihat. Also note the street light reflectors hanging behind me and the portrait of jesus.





The oldest pic i'm willing to post - Return To One gig circa 1993 - the purecussion kit with unknown metal snare, 14" bronze scimitar zildjian hihats, 16" paiste 3000 crash, 12" B8 sabian splash, 20" paiste 400 ride (with four rivets). Also note the spoxe and tambourine right of the hihat.








OK, i lied - here is the earliest pic - my eighth grade graduation, duo gig with Danny Cantrell. This is the first kit i owned, and i only brought about half of it to the gig - its a '70s slingerland with two 24" kicks, 10"/12"/13"/14"/15"/16" rack toms and a 18" floor. Dig my hair and the heighth of that crash cymbal. i guess this would be 1989.