Electronics - over the years i have used different electronic setups, often with acoustic instruments. The following pictures document a few different setups for different projects.

been having a lot of fun with the possibilities from triggering radios via pads using an old analog gate. this video uses two different FM stations and the circuit bent vs-330 seen below.





setup for duo tour w Steuart Liebig Spring 2015, using a circuit bent yamaha VS-330 (mostly for the arpeggiator), two phones running apps and field recordings, the field recording phone is going thru the kaoss pad for filtering and various delays. all out to a powered speaker.





a funny setup for a solo gig in SD/CA March 2013 for a poetry/writers night. The music i presented had to be background-y but also occasionally pushing into the foreground. My setup was a laptop running a ton of samples (mostly field recordings), a circuit bent yamaha DD5 and an AM radio transmitter. The only effects were EQ and volume controls from the mixing board.





pedal setup circa spring 2011 - (clockwise, following the chain) behringer mixer, sansamp GT2, midfi electronics random number generator, boss super-shifter, electro-harmonix POG, moog ring modulator, 4MS tremulus, boss digital delay 3, MXR carbon copy. There is also the Nate Atwood built atari-punk console just below the mixer. New pedal board as well.





two new pedals built for me by Nate Atwood. The Pinky Ring (left) is a ring modulator with a few mods, and the oscillator box at right has a few funky options. And its got my face as the artwork.

This was a recording setup for track two of Aegis II. Fall 2009




setup pic from my solo tour spring 2008, shown here to highlight the early squareframe and the pedal setup of the time - (clockwise from mixer) - boss compressor, boss super shifter, boss delay, midfi electronics random number generator, sansamp GT2, 4MS Tremulus and an Electro-Harmonics POG). I believe i was using a Crate tube amp for this tour. Seattle March 2008.  Thanks Paul......





A no-input pedal chain 12/07 DPH Studios. The chain starts with a Boss Compressor, a Boss Supershifter, a Midfi Electronics Random Number Generator, a Sansamp GT2, a Boss Digital Delay, a 4MS Tremulus, a Electro-Harmonics POG (broken) and a vintage Sovtek Big Muff. This chain is run into a Korg Kaoss Pad (used mostly for reverb and spacialization) and is fed in (and out) to a Behringer mixer. Also note the Midfi Electronics Glitch Computer that i didn't have plugged in. This setup was for overdubs on Glatter/Hubbard's Glass House Vertigo recording as well as some film music.



Glatter/Hubbard gig @ the San Diego Library October 2007. The laptop was running longer samples using Quicktime. The sampler was mostly used for lofi sounds and occasional real-time sampling/looping of percussion sounds. If I remember correctly, i was going back and forth between the sampler and a kaoss pad of this run of shows. The mixer fill out the electronics portion of the rig (i was running everything thru a mackie powered speaker).




An electronics gig with Curtis Glatter - thru the main board i was running a minidisc (glatter/hubbard gigs + field recordings), two walkmans (glatter comp tapes), a lofi mic (for voice + sound stuff) and a sampler, all of which ran thru a compression pedal, a supershifter (w/ expression pedal) and a sansamp pedal. also in the setup was an organ, and an amplified vase run thru a sovtek big muff pedal (good feedback). Looks like there was also a complete recording rig, as well a large jug of water. this grainy pic was taken by Curtis Glatter. september 29th 2005










A pic of my electronics rig circa 2003. The frame 1 was run thru a boss digital delay, a tech21 sansamp and a boss super-shifter, as well as a boss 303 sampler. If memory serves, i also was processing tracks from Born On Tuesday by playing the CD thru a discman and using the same effects chain. and i'm running everything thru the ever trusty behringer six channel amp. Kelly took this picture at the 101 Artists Colony on E Street, Encinitas. Thanks Julio - august 27th 2003.




An electronics and percussion gig - duo with curtis glatter. I've got my percussion box with all sorts of crap scattered around. Also, frame 1, a small mixer and sampler, a walkman and various tapes and a few pedals - sansamp, delay, pitch/harmonizer. There is a phaser pedal that looks like i was swapping out during the performance. I was using a large mackie powered speaker for an amplifier. november 29th 2002.



CD release concert for the Born On Tuesday  recording @ Spruce Street Forum. This was the end of me using the amplified kit and also one of the few times i've used frame 2 live. Contact mics on all drums and a few cymbal stands and my usual electronics rig of this period with several stomp boxes and a sampler. I used the house PA for amplification. After spending two hours setting this crap up, i decided to scale down the equipment for future gigs. October 20th 2002.



pic from the recording sessions for Born On Tuesday - Frame 1 seems to be my albatross - used for almost every solo gig, its large size seems to take focus away from the music. Notice here the setup uses a behringer mixer, a boss digital delay/super-shifter/phaser + a boss sampler. Summer 2002





here is an old one from the period where i was performing solo concerts with the red tama kit. note the early version of frame 1, the sampler on the kick drum, the contact mics on all the drums and cymbals, the minidisc running field recordings and the flanger, delay and phaser pedals. Jane Lui took this picture. Funny note - i recorded most of the tracks for Mike Keneally's album Wooden Smoke several hours after this concert, with the same kit. april 2nd 2001.



a pic from a recording session for the first duo recording with Lee Elderton. We did one night of electronic improvisations and used a shorter piece from the session for the CD. so, as far as i can tell, i was playing - toy boom box, CD player, minidisc, metronome and megaphone. i believe Greg Buhlert took this picture. Spring 2000.