(for RTO)
we are coming to the season of end
(twenty) six year cycle
dinner tonight -
scribbled my thoughts on a placemat
where/placed/almost over the edge
infatuation always the best calling card
i've packed a suitcase for tomorrow
all baggage and no forethought
sustaining? long enough to catch my breath
hoping to see the better but still expecting the worst
crossing broadway today
all lights green
headed north for an evening alone with my thoughts
waiting for your decision on my answering machine
have to keep telling myself sometimes its better not to know
reflection in black tells me nothing
except what i already know
(thats the secret)
(secrets) (hopes and dreams)
skeleton key to something we haven't dealt with yet

face in the crowd (for LK)

falling for a glance
passing thoughts blocking the rain
slip slide thru this place
and out into another time
one more face in the crowd
(i am falling for you)
halos golden blaze - dreamtime superlife
i don't even know your (middle) name
(its lee)
halflife of a thought across the burning desert
left on a postcard
lost in transit
one more tiny piece of paper no one will ever see
tangled webs is all i can offer
nothing i could build with my bare hands
could ever bridge the gap between us
keep smiling please never destroy that
contained radiance - bright lights
down this tiny hallway - thru the dark
past everything i should have left behind
to the garden to you


connections (you are)

often, late at night
i have heard whisperings of starsongs
promises yet to be kept 
and bright lights
set out alone in an infinity of black

loneliness comes in the waiting
for the rain to come to her garden
each tiny flower bearing tears like raindrops
mourning star on the horizon
whisper “goodbye” still on the wind

in her garden all is silent
blurred image
sun wind time rain and forget
have bleached it white
(forgotten star)
left for morning

can you hear the wind blow?
across these barren dreams
through windows and crags and clouds of rain
leaving nothing
fading to rust
twenty four years gone in one afternoon
one night spent alone
shivering from the cold

sometimes (to me)
the moon speaks in tongues
(dripping up)
on nights when its clear enough to see the future
dancing across the walls surrounding me
set out alone in an infinity of black



all i see is flickering
all is lost
i am lost

what is begot of man?
to other worlds
faces and masks
to other worlds
faces, masks and patience

perhaps the passing of time
boils down to one afternoon alone
or one lifetime never fulfilled

i woke up this morning alone
in this worn carriage
hurtling towards infinity
and yet at a dead stop

what is begot of loneliness?
to see you again
so soon so soon
all is lost