2010 -
1. favorite vinyl record collected - Dionne Warwick double.
2. big apologies to Mike Keneally for skipping out on Spring Reverb to do a gig in Texas.
3. favorite recording heard in a van on tour and later purchased - The Knife/Deep Cuts.
4. The Hubbard Flakiest Musician of the Year Award - The Cricket Queen.
5. two super-cool musicians i got to play a lot of gigs with for the first time this year - Rafter Roberts, Kenseth Thibideau.
6. favorite recording downloaded off one of those unheard music blogs - Walt Dickerson solo vibraphone live in Worchestor/MA/mid-70's.
7. gigantic thanks to everyone that was involved with the Skeleton Key Orchestra/Furiously Dreaming recording this year, and my apologies that it has taken three years to finish. This way leads home . . . . .
8. favorite recording i'm on released this year - David Borgo/Paul Pellegrin - Kronomorfic/Micro Temporal Infundibula (Pfmentum)
9. favorite performance i saw/heard this year - tie - Ora Cogan/Peppermill Festival/north of Cranbrook, BC Canada, Moe! Staiano solo and Arrington de Dionyso solo/Soda Bar SD.
10. my favorites - Booby, Juju, Boo, Naz, Har-har, Ninatron, N2, B, Randy, The Cosmology After-Party Band, KTB, Passengers, Steubig, Hix, Wasp & Pear, Syn.Tofs, Andrew, Emily, PBR, X11, Rafter/Grafter/Blaster, trees, Gerry Hemingway, sammy/mandy/olivey, Dia, etc. etc. Thanks ya'll.


happy holidaze 2010



recording some vibes with Chris Prescott - fall 2010




Rafter - Peppermill Festival - outside Cranbrook BC Canada - August 13th/14th 2010
Welcome to Vancouver  
the long road to Cranbrook feverish campers make their way up the mountain
the fire and the gig (night 2)

Carleigh and the magikal creek.

The tent.
Rafter and Peter goodbye Salmo . . . .


Kenseth Thibideau Band Bay Area Show July 2010







Various pic from Rafter shows Summer-Fall 2010
Kettleman City, CA our rider in Houston TX
Bottom Of The Hill, SF CA No Step - Danger Heated Probe
Big Buck - Missoula Montana self portrait w PBR
Rafter chest drawing on a fan - Visalia CA Santa Nella, pre-chicken fried steak


Rafter East Coast fall 2010
Welcome to Jersey  
Sufjan Stevens Rafter, nmh
Jason Baker, Rafter Rafter Drumhead  (outside the Mercury Lounge)


4-23-2010 - I had a dream I saw shot by a sniper in a warehouse while nailing down a new top layer of plywood on a skateramp. Richie Sellers was there and saw the reflection of the gun, pointing it out to me seconds before I was shot. Luckily I was wearing a bullet-proof vest.
This was all part of a TV drama where someone is trying to kill me everynight @ 9:20pm.
I can't wait for next weeks episode, and need to stop eating italian heros after 1am.


Cosmologic East Coast March 2010
Cosmologic radio interview @ WMUA w Ken Irwin Stained glass w sunset lighting
Hamid Drake + nmh Cosmologic @ Johnny D's in Somerville (Boston)
Charlie Kohlhause's Explorer Club the whole valley
Wise words from the Stone - "Mind Your Head" Cosmologic @ the Stone NYC


one more cool shot from SXSW 2010 - photo by Lizeth Santos-Roberts



Rafter @ South by Southwest, Austin Texas - March 2010
Welcome to SXSW Where are we?
Kenseth Miles Davis box set, won at a raffle @ SXSW 2010
Lennie White + nmh Martin Atkins + nmh
Austin Creek pt. I Austin Creek pt. II


pictures from a rubberband recording session February 27th 2010 - Kris Apple, Ray Suen - violins/Sam Lopez, Joe Bigham, Andrew - guitar/Nazo Zakkak, Nina Deering - piano/Justin Grinnell, Harley Magsino - bass/Nathan Hubbard - harpophone, engineer


DJ Tenshun killing it at the Casbah February 23rd 2010


i've been spending long nights in the garage with paint stripper, sand paper and a few old drums. Firstly, I've got two old bass drums, a 50's Slingerland 28" and a 70's Ludwig 28" that Marcos Fernandes gave to me. Both got stripped of their covering, and i've been painting stripping and sanding away. I'm planning on staining the Ludwig since it has such a nice mahoganny outer ply, i don't know what to do with the Slingerland. Also, have been stripping the hoops on the Ludwig of their black paint to stain them to a matching wood color. I also got Jasco on my bare skin for the first time, it was delightful.

The second project i've been working on is a early 60's Slingerland kit with a 24" kick, 16" floor and a 13" tom. I spent a lot of time last year on this and then shelved it for a while, and i'm back. I still can't decide whether to wrap them drums in gold sparkle or leave them as is. I'll let you know what i come up with.

the 28" ludwig after being de-wrapped the green sparkle wrap that was painted over white
heres all the glue and some of the paint from the 28" 50's slingerland marching bass drum two views of a secret - the original hoop - "is that tar?" JH, and then after some Jasco and sandpaper.



solo//4 - nmh solo @ kava gallery - 2_14_10



here is the recent setup for a drum clinic at the Southern California Drum Society - this was for the second half of the clinic where i was talking about breakbeats. Dig the new tambourine ride!


Kris Tiner Trio - Dagnys Coffee Bakersfield January 22nd 2010 - photos by Glenn Fong


1/22/10 - with the pass covered with snow, my only thought was, where were you?







over the mountains, on the way to bakersfield to play w the Kris Tiner Trio - January 22nd 2010


cosmologic - eating thai food in eaglerock - 1-10-2010