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Troikastra @ NSDT - October 2nd 2008


A few pictures and thoughts on different drum setups for the new Skeleton Key Orchestra record.

more lo-fi drum loops for the track and we all fall down. 20" WFL kick, unknown taiwanese gold sparkle snare, 15" K/A hihats, taped up paiste rude 20" ride.

Easy mic setup - kick, snare and mono OH






Kit for section E2 in Skeleton Key Theme. An 18" Ludwig kick, 1" and 13" Slingerland toms, 14" Ayotte snare. A 20" Zildjian ride and a 21" Keplinger ride, 13" K Zildjian hihats. Miked with an overhead, a kick mic and a snare mic.






Setup for the drum loop in Skeleton Key Theme. An old 20" WFL kick, a 70's supersensitive snare, a 21" Keplinger stainless steel ride and some old beat up hihats (the bottom is broken). Perfect for a loop.
Overhead mic, snare mic and two kick mics, note that i used another kick to create a tunnel for the kick mics and wrapped the whole thing in blankets.








A black pearl kit used to record the track Crows On The Roof. 20" kick, 12", 13" and 14" toms and a Ludwig supersensitive snare.
One overhead mic, a kick mic and a snare mic.
Note the double and triple stacked cymbals and the china hihats that i broke at this session.






"economy and sparceness are your friends - don't make improvements" - Igor Goldin


Nathan Hubbard - Vinny Golia - Kris Tiner
Harbor College Los Angeles April 26th 2008


The Builders Association of Encinitas - Kava Gallery April 13th 2008



recent works from Glatter/Hubbard












Nathan Hubbard solo tour Spring 2008 - video excerpts


Nathan Hubbard west coast solo tour spring 2008


ARC Trio - live at the Escondido Library February 7th 2008