Cosmologic NorthWest Tour September 2005


The Unmentionables - late summer tour 2005

August 21st The Unmentionables (Kris Tiner/Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard) - Poo-Bah Records, 2636 E Colorado Blvd. Pasadena CA 91107 646.449.3359 3:00pm free

August 20th The Unmentionables (Kris Tiner/Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard) + Wormhole - Other Ideas at Voz Alta, Voz Alta 1544 Broadway (at 16th), 8pm, $5, all ages

August 19th The Unmentionables (Kris Tiner/Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard) - Dagny's Coffee Co. 1600 20th St. @ Eye St. Bakersfield, CA 6pm - 661.634.0806 free admission

August 18th The Unmentionables (Kris Tiner/Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard) - Luggage Store Gallery -1007 Market Street (nr 6th) San Francisco, CA 94103 8:00pm $7-10 sliding scale - no one turned away - link2

August 18th The Unmentionables (Kris Tiner/Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard) - live on air KFJC 89.7 Los Altos California - 2:00-5:00pm


Dog/Duck - Rocky and Ruby love you


Adrian Rollini Trio Spring Tour 2005

The Adrian Rollini Tour started with a quick drive up the coast, thru LA, on to Bakersfield for lunch (Indian food), over the Pacheco Pass, a brief stop for fruit, and on to KFJC in Los Altos Hills. It was pouring rain, we loaded in, soundchecked, played a bit, talked a bit and loaded out. Good playing, a great way to start the tour, and Mitch was completely up to date on happenings in SD, lots of great questions.



We reached Oakland by 10pm, stopped for food and caffiene (Dan Cantrell kindly made us some sandwiches), then on thru the night to Portland. Made it to Ward Baxters house around 8am, had some breakfast and crashed. Here is Ward and myself heading out for breakfast in rainy Camas.





Woke up mid-afternoon and headed out to Seattle, with a stop for lunch. Made it to 1412 Gallery right at 6pm, quick setup and sound check, then the gig. A small crowd, but good playing and Jay Easton and Tom Swafford sat in for a second set of improvisations.

Yes, then a late dinner w/ Jay, Angie and Earl, then more driving up to Shoreline to crash at Jays house. We stay up late watching a film on the bass saxophone and Adrian Rollini. crash. Up early for breakfast w/ Jay, then off to Portland. Andy and Justin are driving me insane.

Spend the day hanging with Ward, then head out to the Tugboat Brewery. Get lost (of course). Find the place, set up, play. Three sets, Ward sits in for the last set. Long breakdown, Ward and Aurora take off, get pulled over, Ward narrowly escapes a DUI. Stop for mexican food (thanks to Tom for directions via cell phone from SD), up late, talking, making fun of Grinnells hair. Crash.

Spend the next day driving around, lunch with Ward, then off to Eugene.




Eugene - a very quiet gig but great playing. Thanks to Carol at DIVA for having us.

After the gig, my long haired rhythm section decides we are going to drive thru the night to Santa Rosa to crash at Justin sister Laurels house. i drive till sun-up then let Justin take over. After crashing all morning, we hang in Santa Rosa and head out to SF for our gig. and parking sucked, as usual.



but we played good, got to see Gino and George perform and got a chance to catch up with Rent, Damon and a few others. Load out, get some mexican food, head to Oakland. Spent the night at Phillip Greenliefs - thanks for the hospitatity Phillip, you're the king.





With our Davis gig cancelled, we decided to head home. Phillip gave us some directions and we headed down the coast, stopping to see my relatives in SLO and getting home late that night. Justin slept most of the way.




We recorded later that weekend - two sets and an "overdub experiment" with departing landscapes.We're still not sure what to do with it.

A track from our KFJC performance was documented on the compilation Live from the Devils Triangle VIII - although its not listed, the composition performed is departing landscapes (holding on desperately to memories i'll never keep) (Hubbard)

Over dinner later that weekend, we split our earnings - $33 each, not including gas, food, lodging and other expenses. Cheers!




Kelly, NMH Hawaii 2005


Phillip Greenlief, NMH - Oakland April 2005




Scott Walton, Erik Grizwold - Open Gate Series Eagle Rock CA January 2nd 2005