November 19th 2002

(posted on the trummerflora list) ladies and gentlemen, a tour journal from the front lines. the Nathan Hubbard West Coast solo tour Fall 2002 has began and is over. A very nice concert last night at line space line in Silverlake. Chap on Verge opened, with Chris Cundy on bass clarinet, Fyfe Hutchins on cheap mic, efffects, junk and jumping, (both from England) and Steven Flinn on percussion and shoes (he didn't wear the sunglasses on stage). A slightly long set of very high quality improv. Then, me. Huh? why isn't my sampler working? post fader aux send? ah, now everything is feeding back....etc, etc. I made it, and had a very nice duo w/ steve at the end. and i sold two CD's...then...dinner. Harris talked us into going to the Kitchen...... the kitchen? didn't GL curate there in the early '80's? i thought they would have his picture on the menu's, but no...oh well, the food was good. So we (harris, myself, amiee, heenan, jeremy drake and josh) talked shit late into the night...and so, to bed, after a hour and a half drive...what a great tour! special thanks to all the promoters who made this possible. tour shirts are available now. this to let everyone know my solo CD is finished and available (nhubbard@p...) ...if you don't go see wormhole and emily hay on saturday the 23rd at lestats, you won't get to tell brad dutz how much you love him.....


Nathan Hubbard nothing to write home about - compositions 1998 - 2002
Thursday October 29th 2002 San Diego State University Smith Recital Hall


(in the front) Installation I for six boom boxes (Greg Buhlert/Nathan Hubbard)


Structure I (1999) Scott Walton - piano

Spectrum/Zeitgeist II (2001/1998) Lee Elderton, Ward Baxter, Jay Easton - soprano saxophone

Wisdom Of Not Knowing I (1998-2001) Return To One - Lee Elderton/soprano saxophone - Ward Baxter/bass clarinet - Justin Grinnell/bass - Nathan Hubbard/vibraphone

Resonance (2000) Ty Constant, Nathan Hubbard, Korrie Paliotto, Sam Rabourn - percussion

Shards Of Memory (remembering Morton Feldman) (2000) chamber orchestra - Lee Elderton/flute - Christopher Adler/khaen - Jason Robinson/bass flute - Ward Baxter/bass clarinet - Jay Easton/bassoon - John Paul Reed/trumpet - John Freeman/horn - Steve Vertigan/trombone - Alex Panos/bass trombone - Gascia Ouzounian/violin - Damon Holzborn, Al Scholl/electric guitar - Jarrod Chilton/cello - Justin Grinnell/acoustic bass - Ty Constant, Sam Rabourn/percussion


Sundials II (2001) Scott Walton/piano - Gascia Ouzouzian/violin - Jarrod Chilton/cello - Justin Grinnell/bass - Lee Elderton, Jason Robinson/flute - Ward Baxter/bass clarinet - Jay Easton/bassoon

a secret no one knows (2001) Lee Elderton/alto saxophone - Jason Robinson/tenor saxophone - Ward Baxter/tenor saxophone - Jay Easton/baritone saxophone

Painting On Glass (for Oscar Fischinger) (2000-2002) Octet I Scott Walton, Christopher Adler/piano - Lee Elderton/flute, clarinet - Ward Baxter/clarinet, bass clarinet - Al Scholl/electric guitar - Justin Grinnell/acoustic bass - Ty Constant, Korrie Paliotto/percussion (tape) Octet II John Paul Reed/trumpet - John Freeman/horn - Steve Vertigan/trombone - Alex Panos/bass trombone - Damon Holzborn, Ward Baxter, Marcos Fernandes/electronics


CD release concert for Born On Tuesday - Spruce Street Forum - October 19th 2002


Monday September 30th 2002

like most people, my first listen to peter kowald was on brotzmanns machine gun. nothing really stuck out until i heard peters trio record with leo smith and gunter sommers (touch the earth). an amazing listen. i was fortunate to see peter perform on his cross country tour, both in masterclass at ucsd and later that night at galoka. his energy and spirit were awe-inspiring. thank you peter for every note


Wormhole Tour Sept. 18-23 2002 (or, how nathan lost his mind over a girl that broke his heart)

tuesday pick up van, load - meet Javier. call Korrie about covering MC. dinner. she's with Chris. Cafe Zia. slightly insane, been pulling my hair out for two weeks now. take off home. flat tire in Del Mar. two and a half hours later a tow truck. call Kim, she still expects Chris to come back "back to like before" as she says. home late.

early morning not getting anything done. drive to Oakland Robert drives to slow. 21 Grand. Eric Glick-Reiman opens, later jam with Ernesto, Bob Marsh, Rent, Jesse, Eric. stay at Ernestos late night noodles and a pub. thursday drive to Portland. arrive 9:00. Polyp and Fury, tiny gallery, pabst blue ribbon and hippy kids. no PA. play thru powered moniters from opening band (guitar, drums, computer, shakuhaki and other stuff). no feedback on music. stay with Tam's cousin. out late trying to find food. talk with Korrie, she's with Chris. i'm not doing well. sleep. morning - Powells Books, breakfast and on to Seattle. traffic. straight to Polestar Gallery. nice space, cool people. sax/drums opener, decent crowd, Bill Horist. Gate 6 malfunction - open. we made it (somehow). stay in a funky commune, out for burritos and beer, no bill. saturday morning, breakfast at Pikes Pier and a bit of wall of sound. i drive noon to nine pm seattle to redding. Robert takes us in to SF. up early to Los Altos, no Mitch, Grawers late play on the heavy metal show. out to gilmore, pacheco pass all the way to LA. get to Claremont at 8. coll acoustic guitar opening, wormhole then jam. OK. to marcos sister, cats and all. monday get some lunch in Glendale, buy Korrie a Jasper Johns book. to silverlake. Rod Poole voice of the bowed guitar open to long. Chris shows. home


El Yonke - Tijuana MX September 14th - photos of Jerardo, Wormhole + Titicacaman


Return To One - Caffiends - Justins first gig - June 6th 2002


Return To One Spring Tour 2002

Saturday - pick up Ward. Pack, crash. Scott Rosenberg on the stereo.
Sunday - (9:00 am) leave for LA (late), pick up Josh at home in Pasadena, who is just getting in from a long night with somebody (?). (12:00 pm) Take off for Sacramento. Josh has three cigarettes and some other stuff, crashes. (5:00 pm) Arrive Sacramento. Head to the Heines to pick up Lee, get dinner and relax. (11:30 pm) Take off for Portland. Me in the back - really, really cold when we get over the mountains to Oregon. Good thing Mama Heine talked me into borrowing that blanket. Lee drives most of the night.
Monday - Portland 9:00 am. Take Ward to see his Grandfather, who has been sick. Head to Wards fathers house for sleep, lunch, card games and a bit of practice for Mr. Jones. Head to Seattle around 3:00 pm.
Monday April 1st Oxygen Lounge @ The Rainbow, Seattle Washington.
Make it to the Rainbow after getting lost with the wrong address. Set up, wait. The sound guy is the only person i've ever met that played Derek Bailey CDs between sets in a rock club. He also beat my ass at a few rounds of pool. Two opening acts, The Oxygen Ensemble (five piece, lots of electronics, very cool, and a trumpet/electric bass/drums trio), then we play. Nice, a bit ragged - starsong, livingston, josh jones. Bill Horist in the audience. Afterwards, up the freeway to Wards sister-in-laws. I sleep in the truck due to the cat.
Tuesday - up and out, eat at the wharf, wander around. Wall of Sound. End up at a lake for a nap in the truck.

Tuesday April 2nd Coffee Messiah, Seattle Washington.
Horrible load-in. Small coffeeshop. Nice opening trio (trumpet, clarinet, bass), the bass player tries to short change me for a RTO CD - good thing my bass player taught me how to deal with that. Quiet RTO set, no electronics/bari/bass clarinet. nothing i have buried will die, waiting in vain, clarity of thought, obscured by shadows.Thanks to Fjej for the gig.
After gig drive back to Portland, crash at Wards moms house. Late. Up early, showers and breakfast. (7:00 am) Drive all day to Ukiah. Stop for lunch in Weed. Lees crazy mountain driving makes Ward carsick. The sun sets as we drive passed Clear Lake. Make it to Ukiah at 8:00pm. Club in back of record store.
Wednesday April 3rd Brahma Bull Records Demon Lounge, Ukiah California. Crazy place, lots of punk rock kids, illegal club. The best gig of the tour. Set 1- starsong, livingston, we kiss in a shadow on the other side of this, is that you (earl)?/dogs don't bark at ghosts. Set 2 - one of these days, clarity of thought, who are those guys? #3. After gig (midnight) head out. I drove to SF, Lee took over from there. Make it to San Luis Obispo around 6:00 am. Crash at my brothers house in Arroyo Grande. Up around 9:00 am, showers, take off for Cal Poly (gig at 11:00 am).
Thursday April 4th Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo California.
Wow, what a difference from last night. Absolutely no energy from the audience. we kiss in a shadow on the other side of this, waiting in vain, slowly going buhlert, face in the crowd (for LK), obscured by shadows.
Thanks to Zac for setting up this gig. Afterwards we go to Mo's with Zac for some pork sandwiches, take off for LA. Shitty traffic, make it to Josh's house in time for him to get his truck and for us to get some dinner.

Thursday April 4th Rocco, Hollywood. The best playing of the tour, to bad there was nobody there except for Korrie, her brother and Leah. thanks to Rocco for putting up with us. obscured by shadows, we kiss in a shadow on the other side of this, waiting in vain, clarity of thought, is that you (earl)?/dogs don't bark at ghosts. After gig, Josh heads home, Lee takes off with Leah and Ward and myself drive to san diego. Drop ward off in spring valley, then back to encinitas.

Saturday April 6th Fellowship Hall, Solana Beach California.
Miles Anderson was kind enough to give us our only guarantee of the tour. Josh shows late, strange gig, strange vibes. Set 1 - something bright for a dark corner, clarity of thought, obscured by shadows. Set 2 - waiting in vain, we kiss in a shadow on the other side of this, secrets. Maybe its time for a change.....


Cosmologic recording Syntaxis March 15th 2002 Spruce Street Forum


Alvin Lucier lecture feb. 21 2002 UCSD

starting differently
teachers-music written/not getting played
Tudors soapboxes "do with what they had"
"they didn't wait for it to be performed" (by someone else)
sonic arts group (union)
instrumental music didn't seem profitable
acoustics and resonance
"pieces where the sound did the work" in a physical sense
"brainwaves don't do anything - use the speakers as performers"
I didn't have to compose much
sound is perpendicular - it's 3D
it really matters where it goes
I can't get the amp to work - (Cage) - it doesn't matter
intentions are very important
you can't do brainwave piece II - but for an orchestra you can
-a way of working
"a real old fashion composer - with notes and so forth"
Reynolds asks about originality (early works vs. later works)
Roger brings the dynamics to the fore - "monsters of originality" (Stravinsky)
"you do something twice when people ask you for work"
Cage, Feldman - method
instead of recreating your method (every time)
"I follow my nose"
AL mentions he's doing more similar work lately
"never any extended techniques - I like the natural sounds of instruments"
"its not about expression - it should be expressive"
"my pieces are intimate"
on Ashley - "there is no genre for that - it is its own genre"
"I believe in writing for your friends and for special occasions"

Italy, Darmstadt
Europe - if I wrote that music I'd be speaking a dialect
after a Stockhausen + Maderna argument -
"I'm afraid you don't understand this work" (Tudor)
-"it wouldn't be authentic"