Return To One promises CD release concert November 19th 1999 101 Artists Colony Encinitas CA


Oct. 4th 1999 - a concert featuring the debut of frame 1 and the compositions structure I and for DPH. In addition to the pieces, i also performed works by Frederic Rweski, Fritz Hauser and Karlheinz Stockhausen.   Although not the first gig for the Elderton/Hubbard Duo, this was our first concert consisting entirely of free improvisation. This was great period, with both of us working thru new language and form concepts. The work of this period was documented on the recording Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard (C&PM CD003).


Return To One recording Kaliedoscope Moon june 24th 1999


Return To One - KSDS Jazz Live @ Saville Theatre SD City College May 25th 1999


NMH - Laguna Mountains Summer 1999




Josh Jones, Dave Golia, NMH, Kelly Lancaster Torrey Pines 1999


Dorothy Hubbard, NMH, Kelly Lancaster 1999


i love and miss you sam