preparing for the future




one day Ward Baxter showed up with this flyer, telling me that there was a new performance space in town and RTO should play there. I ended up going to this concert with Kate Conklin. We got really lost in the wilds of park west trying to find the place, but eventually found it. We made it inside in the middle of the dream and memory store, with Jim Black carefully bowing his cymbals and Skuli Severson coaxing sub-atomic tones out of his processed bass. What followed was one of the most inspiring concerts of my life, with the group performing most of the material from Chris' recent recording Yeah.....No (on Songlines). I finally met Jim after the concert, telling him i had flown to the Bay Area to see him play with Tiny Bell Trio the previous year. And (if memory serves correct) i met Michael Dessen that night. I attended many concert @ SSF following this one, but i can't think of one that affected me this much. Thank you Chris, Cuong, Skuli and Jim.