Nathan Hubbard - Biography
Percussionist/Composer/Instrument Builder Nathan Hubbard works in many different fields, but in general his work shows a decided interest in exploring the possibilities of sound and embracing the passing of time. This interest in sound can be seen in everything from his extended sound language as an improvisor to his homemade and found instruments. The different rates of passing time become relevant as both a rhythmic impetus and defining element in his compositions and their changing definitions of form, shape and outcome. Musically his explorations range from solo improvisations through small group collaborations to large scale compositions for his twenty-six member large ensemble, Skeleton Key Orchestra. As a composer his works range from solo pieces to medium scale works for a variety of ensembles, works for tape, electronics and acoustic instruments, large works for orchestras, creative orchestras and traditional big bands as well as pieces involving text, voice and other media. In the last several years Hubbard has been more involved with musical situations incorporating acoustics, enviroments and field recordings. His work as an artist can be seen on several of his CD covers and his work as an engineer and producer can be heard on almost all of his recordings. His current projects include solo performances, collaborations with Curtis Glatter (Glatter/Hubbard) and ARC Trio, as well as leading his own quintet (Nathan Hubbard/Passengers) and the large ensemble Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra. In addition to all this work, Hubbard has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Jacob Adler, Roger Aplon, David Borgo, Paul Carman, Castanets, Alex Cline, Anthony Davis, Michael Dessen, Mark Dresser, Tim DuRoche, Brad Dutz, Harris Eisenstadt, Marcos Fernandes, Justin Grinnell, Vinny Golia, Phillip Greenlief, Rick Helzer, Bill Horist, Mike Keneally, Paul Kikuchi, Ted Killian, Steuart Liebig, George Lewis, Doug Lunn, Noah Phillips, Garth Powell, Rafter, Jason Robinson, Tim Root, Scott Rosenberg, Jim Ryan, Chris Schlarb, Theodore Sistrunk, Moe! Staiano, GE Stinson, Kenseth Thibideau, Kris Tiner, Bertram Turetzky, Phillip Wachsmann and Nazo Zakkak.
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NMH Resume
as bandleader -

Nathan Hubbard/Passengers (2009-present)
Nathan Hubbard Trio (2007-2008)
loop investigation
Nathan Hubbard Octet (2007-2008 and then 2012-)
you know, an octet
Nathan Hubbard/Everything After (2004-2009)
modular quintet
Something Strange Is Afoot (2004-2006)
vibraphone/bass/percussion trio
Skeleton Key Orchestra (2001-2009)
large ensemble
- The Rubberband (2003-2006)
string octet + dbl. drums
- Looking West Ensemble (2003-2006)
brass sextet + dbl. drums
- Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble (2004-2008)
Plexus (1995-1998)
vibraphone/bass/voice trio
Return To One (1992-2004)
as collaborator -

Builders Association Of Encinitas (2008-2009)
ARC Trio (2005-present)
The Unmentionables (2005-2007)
Wooden People (2003-2005)
Quibble (2002-2005)
Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard (2001-present)
Cosmologic (1999-2011)
Elderton/Hubbard (1999-2003)
as member -
Wormhole (2002-2008)
Perfektomat (2001-2004)
Paul Holtz Trio (2000-2004)
Don Everett Pearce (1996-1998)

Major Works -
Encinitas and Everything After (1994-2012) twenty-five compostions for multiple different ensembles
Parameters (2011) for any number of pitched instruments
Sanctuary I-III (2011) three compositions for quartet + as many winds players as possible
Pattern Field I-VII (2009-2011) seven compositions for any four pitch instruments
Slack Theory I-V (2009-2011) four compositions for four pitched instruments
Skeleton Key Orchestra (2001-2009) eighteen compositions for creative music orchestra
This Middle Ground (2009) eight compositions in a mini song cycle
box canyon overview (2006) for 10 percussion and piccolo
for the ghosts/while we sleep (2005) hour long suite for percussion sextet
Everything After (2005-2009) eleven compositions for quintet
Something Strange Is Afoot (2003-present) fourteen compositions for trio
rock/paper/scissors (2003) extended work for percussion quartet
Painting On Glass (for Oscar Fischinger) (2002-2005) for two octets + tape
sundials I/sundials II (2002)
a secret no one know I (2002) for saxophone quartet
song cycle I (2000)
shards of memory (for Morton Feldman) (2000) for orchestra
resonance (2000) for percussion quartet
for DPH (1999) for tape and trio
structure series (1999-present) shape notation for any instrumentation
zeitgeist II (1999) shape notation for trio of any instrumentation
for Danlee Mitchell (1998) for wind orchestra and large percussion section
Return To One (1998-2003) fourty-four compositions for quartet

complete works

Commissions -
interruptions 1-4 - (2007) Ad Hoc Ballet
empty vessels of contaminated light - (2003) Spectrum Saxophone Quartet
looking for the third door - (2003) Ward Baxter
there is beauty there waiting for you (for Joni Mitchell) - (2001) Justin Grinnell
spectrum - (2001) Spectrum Saxophone Quartet
hooker, clowns, dinosaurs and other sick shit - (2000) Spectrum Saxophone Quartet
Recordings - (for complete list, see discography page)
as a leader-
Nathan Hubbard blind orchid (2007) solo
Nathan Hubbard (compositions 1998-2005) (2006) compositions for mixed ensembles
Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra (2003) creative music orchestra
Nathan Hubbard Born On Tuesday (2002) solo
Nathan Hubbard Aegis I (2002) solo EP
Return To One Firecliffs (2001) quartet + voice
Return To One Hopes And Dreams (2000) quartet + piano
Return To One Promises (1999) trio/quartet
Nathan Hubbard Small Potatoes On The Road To French-Fries (1998) solo EP
as collaborator-
ARC Trio Triptych Mirror (2006) piano trio
Trummerflora Rubble 2 (2006) compilation CD of various artists
The Unmentionables August 2005 (2006) electro-acoustic improvising trio
Cosmologic III (2005) quartet + guitar
Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard Rivulet (2005) percussion duets
Trummerflora Rubble 1 (2004) compilation CD of various artists
Cosmologic Syntaxis (2003) quartet
Trummerflora Collective No Stars Please (2001) collective improvisations
Cosmologic Staring At The Sun (2001) quartet
Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard (2000) duo
Tours -

toques April 2015 Pasadena/Redlands/SD
The Scorpion Decides October 2013 San Diego/LA
The Scorpion Decides April 2013 LA/Sacramento/Oakland
Rafter July 2011 Chicago/Milwaulkee
Kenseth Thibideau July 2010 - SD/Oakland/SF/SD
Rafter May 2010 - SF/Visalia
Rafter April 2010 - Manhattan/Brooklyn/DC/Brooklyn
Cosmologic March 2010 - Amherst/Massachusets, Boston/Massachusets, Manhattan/New York
Rafter March 2010 - SXSW (six gigs)
Cosmologic February 2009 - Amherst/Massachusets, Brooklyn/New York, Silver Springs/Maryland, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania
Nathan Hubbard solo April 2008 - San Francisco/California, Ashland/Oregon, Seattle/Washington, Portland/Oregon, Davis/California, Oakland/California
Nathan Hubbard/Noah Phillips May 2007 - Los Altos/California, Oakland/California, Big Sur/California
Cosmologic April 2007 - St.Niklaas/Belgium, Bruge/Belgium, Utrecht/Holland
The Unmentionables May/June 2006 - Bakersfield/California, Los Altos/California, Oakland/California, Long Beach/California, Eagle Rock/California
Wooden People January 2006 - Bakersfield/California, Los Altos Hills/California, Davis/California, Oakland/California, San Diego/California
Cosmologic September 2005 - Boston/Massachusetts, Amherst/Massachusetts, Guelph/Ontario/Canada, Toronto/Ontario/Canada
The Unmentionables August 2005 - Los Altos/California, San Francisco/California, Bakersfield/California, San Diego/California, Burbank/California
Adrian Rollini Trio April 2005 - Los Altos/California, Seattle/Washington, Portland/Oregon, Eugene/Oregon, San Francisco/California
Nathan Hubbard solo September 2004 - Bakersfield/California, Portland/Oregon, Eugene/Oregon, Weed/California, Davis/California, San Diego/California
Nathan Hubbard solo March 2003 - Oakland/California, Seattle/Washington, Portland/Oregon, Los Altos/California, San Diego/California
Wormhole September 2002 - Tijuana/Mexico, Oakland/California, Portland/Oregon, Seattle/Washington, Los Altos/California, Clairemont/California, Los Angeles/California
Return To One April 2002 - Seattle/Washington, Ukiah/California, San Luis Obispo/California, Los Angeles/California, San Diego/California
Cosmologic March 2002 - Tijuana/Mexico, Los Angeles/California, San Diego/California, Santa Barbara/California
Return To One March 2001 - San Francisco/California
Return To One April 2000 - San Francisco/California, San Luis Obispo/California

Festivals -
Phoenix Experimental Festival (February 2012 Phoenix AZ) - Hubbard solo
June Gloom (June 2011 San Diego CA) - Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed
June Gloom (June 2010 San Diego CA) - Steps Spiral Downward
Spring Reverb (April 2010 San Diego CA) - The Rubberband, co-curator
Spring Reverb (April 2009 San Diego CA) - Nathan Hubbard/Everything After, Borborymus, co-curator
Spring Reverb (April 2008 San Diego CA) - Glatter/Hubbard, Rats Nest, Wormhole
Spring Reverb (April/May 2007 San Diego CA) - Nathan Hubbard/Gina Berrett, directing a student improvising ensemble, Cosmologic, Ogd_S(11) Translation has Failed, Borborygmus, Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble
Spring Reverb (May 2006 San Diego CA) - Borborygmus, G.E. Stinson/DJ Tenshun/Nathan Hubbard, David Borgo Quartet, Something Strange Is Afoot, Wormhole, directing the Trummerflora High School Honor Band, Robinson/McMullen/Villa/Hubbard, Vinny Golia Sextet
Ventura New Music Festival (May 2006 Ventura CA) - The Unmentionables
Ensenada Jazz Festival (September 2005 Ensenada Mexico) - Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra
Guelph Jazz Festival (September 2005 Guelph ON Canada) - Cosmologic
Spring Reverb (June 2005 San Diego) - Obscuricon, Skeleton Key Percussion Quartet, Titicacaman
New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (September 2004 Portland Oregon, San Diego California) - solo
SFalt (2004, San Francisco) - Trummerflora Collective
Spring Reverb (May 2004 San Diego) - Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra with Vinny Golia, Titicacaman/Quibble, Cosmologic with Vinny Golia
Percussive Arts Society San Diego Day of Percussion (April 2004 San Diego) - Skeleton Key Percussion Quartet
Spring Reverb (May 2003, San Diego CA) - Terralogic, Perfektomat, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra
Earjam III (July 26th 2002, Burbank CA) - Nathan Hubbard/Harris Eisenstadt Duo
Spring Reverb (2002, San Diego CA) - Cosmologic, Quibble, Spectrum Quartet, Perfektomat
San Felipe Jazz Festival (October 2000, San Felipe Mexico) - Return To One

Curating -
From 2001 to 2010, Nathan Hubbard co-curated the Other Ideas concert series in San Diego, presenting artists such as - Phillip Greenlief, Vinny Golia, Phillip Wachsmann, Brad Dutz, Stueart Liebig, Han Bennink, Mary Oliver, Billy Mintz, Martin Blume, Thollem, Patrick Cress' Telepathy, Le Baterista, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lee Elderton, The Choir Boys, Marcelo Radulovich, Jim McAuley, Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed, Van Clitt, PEA, Al Scholl, Jason Robinson, Damon Holzborn, Andrew Pask, DJ Tenshun, Justin Grinnell, Ellen Weller, Ellen Burr, Jeanette Kangas, Jeff Kaiser, Emily Hay, The Unmentionables, Trio Magreb, Wayne Peet, Tom McNally, Return To One, Jim Ryan/Forward Energy, Bob Weller, Mark Dresser, Wooden People, Horse Latitudes, Randy Hoffman, Kris Tiner, Glatter/Hubbard, The Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble, The Rubberband, Harris Eisenstadt, Lisle Ellis, Alicia Mangan, The Adrian Rollini Trio, Nothingful, Van Clitt, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Johan Nystrum, Borborygmus, Something Strange Is Afoot, Biggi Vinkoloe, Don Nichols, Obscuricon, Titicacaman, Gunthers Grass, Cosmologic, Alex Cline, John Fumo, Perfektomat, Wormhole, Roger Aplon, The Empty Cage Quartet, The Skeleton Key Woodwind Ensemble, Quibble, Spectrum Saxophone Quartet, Crepuscule Trio, Frank Rosaly, Nathan Hubbard/Everything After, Nathan Hubbard/Passengers and many others. These concert were presented at Galoka, The Space, Vos Alta, Kava Gallery and several other performance spaces.

Hubbard was part of the curative team behind Trummerfloras Spring Reverb Festival from 2001-2010 and curated the education portion of the festival from 2005-2008.

From 2006 to 2009 Hubbard curated the New Sounds Downtown concert series in San Diego, which has featured artists Adam Rudolph, Al Scholl, Burnett Anderson, Christopher Adler, Curtis Glatter, Derric Oliver, DJ Tenshun, Ellen Weller, Emily Hay, James Burton, Jason Robinson, Jim McAuley, Joe Bigham, Joscha Oetz, Juan Sanchez, Justin Grinnell, Marcelo Radulovich, Marcos Fernandes, Mark Dresser, Mark Weaver, Michael Dessen, Nate Atwood, Nathan Hubbard, Robert Montoya, Sarah Paik, Scott Walton, Steve Vertigan, Sunshine Vogt, Thollem McDonas, Toni Pope and Tracy McMullen as well as the ensembles Colter Frazier/Rob Wallace Duo, Nathan Hubbard Trio, The Invisible 3, Glatter/Hubbard, Obscuricon, Something Strange Is Afoot, Trio Magreb, Troikastra, Wormhole, Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble and Ensemble Pacifique.

From February 2009 - February 2011, Nathan Hubbard and Jeanette Kangas co-curated a series of concert under the moniker the San Diego Center for Art. This series was presented in collaboration with the Trummerflora Collective. Artists presented include Le Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Ellen Weller, Nazo Zakkak, Nate Jarrell, Scott Walton, David Johnson, Toni Pope, Casey Walroth, Steuart Liebig, Daryl Shawn, Justin Grinnell, Nina Flowers, Jeanette Kangas, and Nathan Hubbard as well as the ensembles Trio Music, Nathan Hubbard/Everything After, Collage and Lost Balloon Company.

Drumkit - a few people that have played my drumkits - Han Bennink (twice), Gerry Hemingway, Tom Rainey (thrice), Jim Black, Gerald Cleaver, Ted Poor, Lukas Ligeti, Pierre Tanguay, Khalil El'Zabar, Tatsuya Yoshida, Paal Nilson-Love, Harris Eisenstadt, Roger Turner, William Winant, Jackson Krall, and a host of others.
Teaching -
Entertainment Technology 112/Theatre Audio 112 - Palomar College San Marcos CA - Fall 2008 -Spring 2011
Private Lessons -
Hubbard has taught private lessons in drumkit, vibraphone, marimba, timpani, percussion, arranging, composition and musicianship since 2000.
Workshops/Lectures -
Composition Lecture - Graduate Composition Seminar - San Diego State University May 2009
Composition Lecture - Graduate Jazz Composition Seminar - San Diego State University October 2006
Composition Lecture - Graduate Jazz Composition Seminar - San Diego State University October 2006
Lecture/Performance on solo percussion - sound/color/timbre/rhythmic awareness - San Diego State University October 2006
Composition Lecture - Grossmont College May 2006
Lecture on the History of Recording Drums - San Diego City College September 2005
Workshop on Homemade Instruments (with members of the Trummerflora Collective) - Museum Of Contemporary Art, La Jolla California June 2005
Lecture on Historical Movements in Jazz of the 1960's - Introduction To Jazz Course, San Diego City College May 2005
Workshop on Homemade Instruments (with members of the Trummerflora Collective) - some school, La Jolla California
Workshop on Homemade Instruments (with members of the Trummerflora Collective) - Museum Of Contemporary Art, La Jolla California December 5th 2004
Lecture/Performance on solo percussion music - Introduction To Jazz course, Bakersfield College September 2004
Lecture/Instruction on Percussion/Improvisation - Inside/Out Jazz Camp, University of California San Diego June 2003
Lecture/Workshop on Homemade Instruments/Improvisation (with members of the Trummerflora Collective + Vinny Golia) - Museum Of Contemporary Art, San Diego California May 2003
Lecture/Workshop on Homemade Instruments/Improvisation (with members of the Trummerflora Collective) - High School for the Performing and Creative Arts San Diego May 2003
Lecture/Workshop on Homemade Instruments/Improvisation (with members of the Trummerflora Collective) - Museum Of Contemporary Art, San Diego California May 2002
Lecture on Rhythm and Music - Introduction To Music course, University of San Diego
Lecture on the Quartet Music of Return To One - Graduate Jazz Composition Seminar, San Diego State University November 20th 2002
Lecture on the Quartet Music of Return To One - Graduate Jazz Composition Seminar, San Diego State University
Lecture/Performance on the Extension of Boundaries in Improvised Music - (with Return To One) - Boys and Girls Club, Solana Beach California
Musical Theatre -

Bye Bye Birdie - Cathedral Catholic HS San Diego CA March 2016
White Christmas - Spreckels Theatee San Diego CA November/December 2015
(subbing for Hello Dolly - Welk Theatre San Diego CA October 2015)
Dogfight - Cygnet Theatre - San Diego CA - july/August 2015
Hello Dolly - Cathedral Catholic HS San Diego CA March 2015
West Side Story - Spreckels Theatee San Diego CA February 2015
(subbing for Winter Wonderette - Welk Theatre San Diego CA December 2014)
(subbing for White Christmas - Northpark Theatre San Diego CA December 2014)
Mary Poppins - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego CA - July/August 2014
Annie Get Your Gun - Northpark Theatre San Diego CA - May 2014
Cats - Northpark Theatre San Diego CA - March 2014
Sideshow - La Jolla Playhouse San Diego CA - November/December 2012
Tommy - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego CA - September/October 2012
Wizard of Oz - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego CA - July.August 2012
(brief break in action where i move to AZ and can't get any of this work)
Miss Saigon - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego - September 2010
Cats - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego - September 2009
Twist - Diversionary Theatre - San Diego - July-August 2009
Godspell - Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church - San Diego - March 2009
Yank! - Diversionary Theatre - San Diego - June-July 2008
West Side Story - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego - August 2007
Annie Get Your Gun - Moonlight Ampitheatre - San Diego - June/July 2007
Beckett 3 - Sledgehammer Theatre - San Diego - May 2007 (premiering Shoes-Ui-Teeth by Tim Root)
Flight Of The Lawnchairman - Don Powell Theatre - San Diego State University - October 2006
Luann - Scenes From A Teens Life - Escondido Center For The Performing Arts - September 2006
Throughly Modern Millie - Moonlight Amphitheatre - August 2006
The Sound Of Music - Moonlight Amphitheatre - July/August 2006
A/Wake - A Deinstallation with Choir and Soloists - Sledgehammer Theatre, St. Cecilia's Playhouse - December 2005 (premiering new music by Tim Root and Pea Hicks)
Pirates of Penzance - Moonlight Amphitheatre - July 2005
Beauty and the Beast - Moonlight Amphitheatre - June/July 2005
Kiss Me Kate - Moonlight Amphitheatre - August 2004
Sweet Charity - Moonlight Amphitheatre - September 2003
Ragtime - Moonlight Amphitheatre - August/September 2002
There's No Bayville In Texas - University of California, San Diego - April 2002 (premiering new music by Jason Robinson)
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest - Polinsky Center - March/April 2001 (premiering new music and improvisations by Al Germani, Randy Graves and Nathan Hubbard)
The Magic Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle - San Diego Junior Theatre - February/March 2001 (premiering new music by Ward Baxter)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Lambs Players Theatre - August/September 2000
10 Point Must - CrossArts 4 - Sushi Performance Space (premiering new music and improvisations by Jason Hann, Nathan Hubbard and others)
High Spirits - San Diego State University - 1998
Kiss Me Kate - Palomar College - 1996
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Palomar College - 1995 (premiering new music by Nathan Hubbard and Matt Bennett)

Dance -
The Lucy Poems - choreography by Deborah Lohse, sound design and four pieces (interuptions 1-4) by Nathan Hubbard - May 2007
Neto - music for Skeleton Key Percussion Quartet with dance by members of Lower Left - May 2007
constant flow - music for Skeleton Key Percussion Quartet by Nathan Hubbard with dancer Rebecca Bryant - June 2005
Tidings - choreographed by Jessica Benson and Alicia Marvan with music by Nathan Hubbard - July 2003
+ ad hoc collaborations with members of Lower Left and Head On Off, often with improvised music - 2001-present.