Inactive Ensembles


Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra

large ensemble - compositions +

everything you'd expect from a 30 member large ensemble

last final document/new CD coming soon . . . . .



ARC Trio

piano/bass/drums trio - compositions/improvisations













Horse Latitudes

Organ/Drum duo with Nazo Zakkak. Somewhat in retirement. Still working hard in Passengers, Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed and other situations . . .





Nathan Hubbard Octet

a mid-sized group originally formed for a Max Roach tribute concert, performing most of Percussion Bittersuite as well as original compositions.



Nathan Hubbard Trio

Jason Robinson - tenor saxophone
Harley Magsino - electric bass/electronics
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit/compositions











An ad hoc ensemble originally started by Curtis Glatter. The original lineup of Jason Robinson, Al Scholl, DJ Tenshun, Justin Grinnell, Nathan Hubbard and Curtis Glatter performed several times (including Spring Reverb 05) and recorded a track for the Trummerflora Collective Rubble 2 compilation CD.
Pt. II - After Glatters exodus to Michigan and Scholls exodus to Colorado, Obscuricon reassembled with guitarist Joe Bigham and percussionist Nate Atwood for more performing, this time with a more metal gig and recording for SKO II, and its over.....

Something Strange Is Afoot

Nathan Hubbard - Justin Grinnell - James Burton

a modular notation trio currently on hold after Burtons exodus to the mid-west



Wooden People

bass / drum duo - a few gigs, one tour






Damon Holzborn

Nathan Hubbard

Marcelo Radulovich



Return To One

RTO's long sorrid history will have to be recounted some other time. For now, lets speak of the quartet period - 1999-2003. Lee Elderton, Ward Baxter, Nathan Hubbard and Josh Jones for most of that time, and with Justin Grinnell taking over for Josh 2002-2003. Three CDs - promises (1999), hopes and dreams (2000) and firecliffs (2001). Several tours and more gigs than i want to remember. A good band.

Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard


The Elderton/Hubbard Duo was a working group from 1999-2003. During this time we played in a wide variety of circumstances, from formal concerts to a series of concerts in a parking structure. The duos music is documented on the CD Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard (C&PMCD003).


Ty Constant

Nathan Hubbard

Sam Rabourn


Danny Cantrell - Kate Conklin - Jesse Hix - Nathan Hubbard - Meredith Yayanos - Adam Korman





Kate Conklin
Nathan Hubbard
Jesse Hix
Dave Golia




The ensemble Plexus was formed in 1996. Originally, the ensemble was a large group of multiple horn players with vibraphone, guitar, bass and drums as a rhythm section. This slowly changed into a quartet of voice, vibraphone, bass and drums. We often performed as a trio with me covering vibes, congas and small percussion, especially when Dave Golia took one of his extended sojourns to various parts of the globe. Plexus played a strange combination of music, including originals, our own arrangement of standards and a few Tom Waits covers. Kate Conklin was (at that time) writing words to standards (Blue in Green, etc.) as well as adding words to my compositions (in a sense, etc.). Add this to Kates originals where she played acoustic guitar and various voice/percussion or poetry/percussion pieces and you've got an idea what we were up to. We performed mostly in coffeeshops as well as playing a few recitals for Kate. Good friends, good music.