ad hoc ensembles
most of the ensembles listed below have only played once or twice, however, each one was a lot of fun. As Evan Parker says - "Regular groups come about because ad hoc groups like the experience"


Nathan Hubbard ER Quartet

only one gig so far with this ensemble, but am hoping for few more

Nathan Hubbard (vibes/electronics), Alex Cline (drumkit/percussion), Steuart Liebig (e bass/electronics), GE Stinson (e guitar/electronics)

really nice recording of this group, hopefully available soon





Serious Runners

usually a trio of Lou Damian, Scott Neilsen and Nathan Hubbard

pictured here as a quartet with Curtis Glatter at the Slow Death Fest SD/CA 2015






Nathan Hubbard/Double Triangle

double trio w The Scorpion Decides + GE Stinson, Steuart Liebig and Brad Dutz

cool video here






The Builders Association of Encinitas

noise duo w Nate Atwood







Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard

guitar/percussion + electronics duo


we'd play together regularly, but we live too far away.




Harris Eisenstadt/Nathan Hubbard

I first met Harris Eisenstadt in 1999 thru mutual friend Kate Conklin. We have played a few duo concerts over the years in San Diego and Los Angeles. Performances usually consist of a few improvisations mixed with our own compositions. Harris writes some fantastic music, has some ridiculus chops and grooves like mad, so these gigs are great. Harris has also played and recorded with my large ensemble, Skeleton Key Orchestra




An ad hoc trio of vibraphonist Nathan Hubbard, bassist Justin Grinnell and percussionist Alex Cline. A performance January 07 at the Open Gate Series in Los Angeles has been our only gig so far, you can check out two videos of the performance here and here.




Vinny Golia

I've had the good fortune to perform with woodwind master Vinny Golia on numerous occasions, starting with a trio performance at the Space in spring 2003 (with Scott Walton). Since then, i've commisioned Vinny to compose and perform with Skeleton Key Orchestra (Spring Reverb 2004), Vinny has collaborated with Cosmologic (Spring Reverb 2004), i've played drums in his sextet (Spring Reverb 200), and we have played ad hoc performances with Jane Rigler, Scott Walton and Kris Tiner.

Since 2013 we've been playing duo fairly regularly, hopefully a document of that music to come . . . 

Nathan Hubbard/Al Scholl

Al Scholl and myself have collaborated together in numerous groups over the years, from playing duo to a quartet w/ James Burton and Justin Grinnell, into working together in SKO. Things have slowed down since Scholls move back to CO, but our work continues.




Nathan Hubbard/DJ Tenshun

I first met turntablist virtuoso DJ Tenshun on one of Curtis Glatters NSDT gigs. Since then we've played quite a bit in different ensembles. We have also played as a duo a few times as well performing together more recently in Obscuricon and my Skeleton Key Orchestra. We've also been talking about recording.........




Garth Powell/Nathan Hubbard

I first saw Garth Powell play at ROVA week in 1998, so it was a great pleasure to play with him a few years later. He kindly help set up a SF gig for me when i toured for the Born On Tuesday CD (spring 2003). At the gig we got a to play duo and it was great. Garth is amazing....




an ad hoc ensemble based around the double keyboard possibilities of Scott Looney and Eric Glickreiman. So far this ensemble has only performed in Oakland CA. In addition to Looney and Glickreiman, the ensemble has featured myself, Noah Phillips and Nate Atwood.