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Nathan Hubbard Encinitas and Everything After Volume Five 
- volume five of this series, extended ensembles, field recordings and plenty of thoughts towards the future - 

featuring - Kris Apple, JP Balmat, Jesse Charnow, Caitlin Fahey Crow, Jacob Eary, Lee Elderton, Jon Garner, Justin Grinnell, Laurel Grinnell, Jesse Hix, Nathan Hubbard, Jeanette Kangas, Keith Kelly, Peter Kuhn, Jacob Lauxman, Harley Magsino, Branson NeJame, Jonathan Piper, Jerome Salazar, Kim Swisher, Nick Tocco, Ian Tordella, Ellen Weller, Claire Worsey, Meredith Yayanos, Nazo Zakkak

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Nathan Hubbard Encinitas and Everything After Volume Four
- volume four of this series, longer pieces involving instruments, electronics, samples and field recordings

featuring - Nate Atwood, J.P. Balmat , Ward Baxter, Greg Buhlert, Sean Conway, Michael Dessen, Dan Diaz, Dan Doerfler, Lee Elderton, John Freeman, Curtis Glatter, Laurel Grinnell, Jesse Hix, Angela House Gritton, Nathan Hubbard, Zachary Hubbard, Brandon Jagow, Daniel James, Keith Kelly, Max Knouse, Chris Komasa, Ed Kornhauser, Jacob Lauxman, Branson NeJame, Harley Magsino, Tommy Maher, Josh Ottum, Jonathan Piper, Clayton Payne, Jason Robinson, Mike Rudolph, Jerome Salazar, Al Scholl, Matt Strickland, Cyrus Torabi, Ian Tordella, Isaac Tubb, Steve Vertigan, Sean Walsh, Scott Walton, Ellen Weller, Claire Worsey, Meredith Yayanos

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Nathan Hubbard Encinitas and Everything After Volume Three
- volume three of this series, smaller "chamber ensembles"

featuring - Ward Baxter, Lee Elderton, Nina Flowers, Justin Grinnell, Rick Helzer, Nathan Hubbard, Josh Jones, Jeanette Kangas, Gabriel Sundy, Scott Walton, Ellen Weller

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Nathan Hubbard Encinitas and Everything After Volume Two
- volume two of this series, larger ensembles mostly dealing with waterways

featuring - Nate Atwood, Ward Baxter, Gina Berrett, James Burton, Jesse Charnow, Caetlin Fahey Crow, Michael Dessen, Jay Easton, Lee Elderton, Nina Flowers, Dan Diaz, Jon Garner, Dave Golia, Laurel Grinnell, Melonie Grinnell, Paul Holtz, Julia Hubbard, Nathan Hubbard, Zachary Hubbard, Brandon Jagow, Jon Lacy, Harley Magsino, Joscha Oetz, Gascia Ouzounian, Leah Panos, Clayton Payne, Jonathan Piper, Jason Robinson, Alyssa Saint, Al Scholl, Matt Strickland, Kris Tiner, Ian Tordella, Cyrus Torabi, Ellen Weller, Scott Walton, Nazo Zakkak

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Nathan Hubbard Encinitas and Everything After Volume One 
- volume one of this series, smaller ensembles 

featuring - Michael Dessen, Brad Dutz, Lee Elderton, Nina Flowers, Justin Grinnell, Rick Helzer, Nathan Hubbard, Jeanette Kangas, Jason Robinson, Al Scholl, Gabriel Sundy, Ian Tordella, Scott Walton, Ellen Weller, Nazo Zakkak

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Nathan Hubbard Drive (for JS)
- drone music EP

"There’s a sucking sound like a vacuum cleaner from another side of a wall, piercing pitches that could get a dog barking, ominous bottom-end rumbling and more, all of it coming together to evoke a feeling of quiet, gnawing dread. David Lynch should use this in his next movie. " San Diego Citybeat
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Nathan Hubbard Blind Orchid
- solo music for percussion and electronics.

"He throws out jittery bundles of pulses that trouble the pieces' slow, resonant atmoshere...It's an album that requires you not merely to listen attentively but to get lost in it" Signal To Noise
"Hubbard shapes his material imaginatively, and on "Blind Orchid" he counters irrestible momentum with a spacious, ritualistic use of struck metals, and concludes with a section of enveloping feedback that seems to swallow time impressive programme." The Wire
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Nathan Hubbard (compositions 1998-2005)
- a double CD featuring notated works from a wide range of ensembles - from solo piano to chamber orchestra.

"ultimately every sound - whether ugly, prosaic or beautiful - acquires a talismanic force through repetition and accumulation" Signal To Noise
"Important listening." - Aiding and Abetting
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Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra
- a double CD of pieces for large ensemble, featuring a twenty six piece strong group.

"...Hubbard comes out of this one a born leader with a clear and original vision. Skeleton Key Orchestra is one of the most generous, consistently provoking and rewarding albums of 2004." All Music Guide
"It's a huge, dense set and one that will keep your ears busy, your feet tapping and your neighbours howling with joy until summertime. Reach for the key." Paris Transatlantic
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Nathan Hubbard Aegis I
- the companion EP to Born On Tuesday, combining studio outtakes, field recordings and extreme processing.

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Nathan Hubbard Born On Tuesday
- the first document of Hubbards solo music, using drumkit, homemade instruments, electronics and extreme signal processing.

"Using an arsenal of live electronic processing and expanding his drum kit to include its framework and whatever junk is on hand he makes music that is multi-hued....from tranquil bells and chimes to a cacophony of clattering that'll have you checking your hot water pipes for an army of drumstick wielding rodents."  Exclaim! (Canada)
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Curtis Glatter Nathan Hubbard Rivulet
- percussion and electronics duo create thick, magical pieces inspired by filmmakers Carl Dreyer, Jean Cocteau and Akira Kurasawa.

"a shocking workout in the art of extremes, bouncing to and fro between trashy two-men bashing and supernaturally quiet episodes of whispers and atmospheres....musicianship and composition skills shine as the piece builds bridges between free improvisation, musique concrète and chamber music." All Music Guide
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The Scorpion Decides The Desert Will Prevail Volume Three 
- live recording at Sacred Grounds Scottsdale AZ.

(to be released October 2015)

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The Scorpion Decides The Desert Will Prevail Volume Two 
- live recording at The Nash Phoenix AZ.

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The Scorpion Decides The Desert Will Prevail Volume One 
- live recording at The Lost Leaf Phoenix AZ.

"Recorded live at downtown bar the Lost Leaf, The Desert Will Prevail [Vol.1], by propulsive, jittery jazz fusion of quartet The Scorpion Decides, is relentless....It's a remarkable slice of jazz/funk..." Phoenix New Times

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Return To One Firecliffs
- the last document of this group, a double CD focussing on pieces inspired by Stella Hubbards paintings. With guest vocalist Anne Whattof. Mmm Mmm good.

"the ambitious, excellent double-CD set Firecliffs......can be raucous and "out" or crystalline and calm, but they always display a knotty, dense and intelligent compositional point of view, as well as many opportunities for fiery excursions of improvisation." - Gene Armstrong Tucson Weekly
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Return To One Hopes and Dreams
- quartet recordings plus guest Rick Helzer on piano. The sophmore slump - great tunes, great playing and one free improvisation.

"The elastic tempo changes and metric displacements on "Hopes and Dreams" reveal how tight this quartet can be when they dedicate themselves to a common musical goal." San Diego New Music Newsletter
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Return To One Promises
- RTOs debut recording featuring the then working trio with guest and future bandmate Ward Baxter. All original pieces by Hubbard inspired by Stella Hubbards paintings.

"...Adventurous free improvisation or highly chromatic compositions that should appeal to listeners who want to be taken to new places" - San Diego New Music Newsletter
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Cosmologic Eyes In The Back Of My Head
- the final document of this quartet and perhaps the strongest document of the groups music.

"Gracefully modulating from serene introspection to contrapuntal vigor, the quartet transitions seamlessly from open-ended explorations to taut ensemble charts, revealing a knowing maturity enhanced by years of experience." All About Jazz
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Cosmologic III
- w guest Al Scholl on guitar.

"It's a busy, thoughtful mix, not afraid to use space and near silence . . . . More than impressive." Brian Morton The Wire

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Cosmologic Syntaxis
- the sophmore slump - recorded live on tour, syntaxis is where cosmologic sheds its free bop skin and pushes into new directions.

"the musicians show how good a live unit they must be: the solos are wild (Robinson¹s tenor flight in Axis provides the disc's peak), the beats infectious, the energy freely flowing from one group member to the next." François Couture - All Music Guide

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Cosmologic Staring At The Sun
- the hard hitting debut of this quartet, recorded live at Galoka in San Diego CA. Compositions by Michael Dessen, Nathan Hubbard and Jason Robinson.

"With motivated and talented young musicians of this calibre, there's no doubt that jazz can still be a creative force, both for the present and the future. Long gone are the days when things West Coast were considered pallid in relation to anything East Coast, and for any of the doubters out there, here's the proof positive." Marc Chenard - Coda Magazine
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