Nathan Hubbard
Drive (for JS)
Castor and Pollux Music CD015 (2010)




Nathan Hubbard - field recordings, teakettles, radio, feedback

1. drive (for JS)

recorded 2006 - 2008 DPH Studios, Termite Studios - Nathan Hubbard, engineer
Mastering - Steve Langdon
Artwork - Nathan Hubbard

copyright 2008 Nathan Hubbard/Castor and Pollux Music

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Drive (for JS) is an extended drone piece culled from field recordings, tea kettles, vase feedback and radios. In memory of Jesse Sanderson. Perfect for a late late night alone. The field recordings are mostly culled from an hour long recording of workers grinding the freeway around 2am. This was recording summer 2006 as my wife was pregnant and i was sleeping on the couch. The machinery kept awakening me in the middle of the night, one of those nights i put my clothes back on and walked down to record it. It was cold and i remember walking along Piraeus Street (which runs parallel to the freeway) following one of the grinders as it rolled north. Tea kettles and vase feedback - both come from my collection of kettles and vases. Radio culled from my great-grandfathers stereo receiver, set on AM.
Jesse Sanderson was a kid that killed himself. I barely knew him, but i think about him a lot. The title comes from a thank you note he sent me once. Its up here -
reviews of Nathan Hubbard Drive (for JS) (C&PM CD015)
San Diego CityBeat's 2011 Great Demo Review - NATHAN HUBBARD
Drive (for JS)
Using tea kettles, radio transmissions, feedback from a vase and a recording of some construction workers grinding the freeway late at night, Hubbard—a member of the storied Trummerflora Collective who plays drums in Rafter’s band—creates a 19-minute opus of interwoven drone tones. There’s a sucking sound like a vacuum cleaner from another side of a wall, piercing pitches that could get a dog barking, ominous bottom-end rumbling and more, all of it coming together to evoke a feeling of quiet, gnawing dread. David Lynch should use this in his next movie.
—Peter Holslin