The Scorpion Decides
The Desert Will Prevail Volume Two
Castor&Pollux Music 031 (2014)





The Scorpion Decides 
The Desert Will Prevail Volume II 

case of the missing head 
closed doors and glass ceilings 
Calypso Frelimo 
no rain/no water 
released 06 October 2014 

The Scorpion Decides 
Keith Kelly - flute, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet 
Branson NeJame - electric piano, synthesizer, pedals 
Jerome Salazar - electric bass, pedals 
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit, congas, bells, washboard 
all compositions copyright Nathan Hubbard/Castor & Pollux Music 2013 
except Calypso Frelimo by Miles Davis 
recorded live at The Nash Phoenix AZ December 7th 2012, Nathan Hubbard/engineer 

mixed by Nathan Hubbard 
mastered by Rafter Roberts 

thanks - Jeff Libman, Zeedubb, Joe Amos, Jacob Eary, Rafter Roberts.

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