The Scorpion Decides
The Desert Will Prevail Volume One
Castor&Pollux Music 023 (2013)





The Scorpion Decides 
The Desert Will Prevail - Volume One 
Castor&Pollux Music 023 

1. Who Are Those Guys? #3 
2. auslander 
3. Black Satin 
4. the crux
released 01 February 2013 

The Scorpion Decides 
Keith Kelly - woodwinds 
Branson Nejame - rhodes, synth, electronics 
Jerome Salazar - e bass, electronics 
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit 

All compositions Nathan Hubbard/Castor&Pollux Music copyright 2012 
except Black Satin by Miles Davis. 

Recorded live at the Lost Leaf, Phoenix Arizona September 19th 2012 
Nathan Hubbard, engineer. 
Jordan Salazar and Chad Cole, 2nd engineers. 

Mixed by Nathan Hubbard. 
Mastered by Rafter. 

Cover photo and layout - Nathan Hubbard 

Thanks to Tato Caraveo and Phillip McCarty at the Lost Leaf, Diane Banyai, Bill Goodman, Kim Headlee, Zeedubb, Chad Cole and Jordan Salazar, Mike Moynihan and Mick Burton, Rafter.

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reviews of The Scorpion Decides The Desert Will Prevail Volume One


"Recorded live at downtown bar the Lost Leaf, The Desert Will Prevail [Vol.1], by propulsive, jittery jazz fusion of quartet The Scorpion Decides, is relentless....It's a remarkable slice of jazz/funk..." Jason P. Woodbury/Phoenix New Times