Nathan Hubbard
Aegis I
Castor and Pollux Music CD005





Nathan Hubbard - frame 1 + 2, sampler, prepared piano, tapes, echoplex, processing, junk, other stuff

1. Aegis I

all music and art copyright 2002 Nathan Hubbard/Castor and Pollux Music
recorded summer 2002 Encinitas/San Marcos California
mix/edit, last idea - January 2008
engineers - NMH / Greg Buhlert / Christopher Harrison / Nate Atwood
mastering - Steve Langdon
layout and design - Ward Baxter
thank you-greg buhlert, nate atwood, harold hubbard, chris harrison (for the ride home), paul lytton, jason robinson, david tudor, don hubbard jr., korrie paliotto, christopher williams, justin and melonie, myles boisen and frank almond

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so here it lives. me out of it, and the BOT tracks. Korrie talked be edited to one of and was originally going to from a prepared piano session at various points. ee comes The last two tracks were recorded recording of the ride home. you hear the Chris Harrison from DHCC. Underneath this activity several recordings of the radio session, talking between takes and also various outtakes from that MD as it records, and Palomar, mostly him recording the Nate Atwoods MD recordings from ? is a collage of and included it on Aegis. i also like the original take was a keeper, but more condensed flow. This second with different processing and a that i redid the track my improvised form so much sessions, i decided i liked on BOT). After the Palomar original take of enabler (heard Palomar College. gi is the from the recording sessions at became s-s-s. Two tracks came depths of DHCC. These recordings playing found object in the which were recordings of myself several field recordings, most of processed more. I then added back in the computer and thru my analog processors, put put on CD, run back in the computer, time compressed, frame. This recording was put of processed motor from the by recording about ten minutes tracks 1, 5, 6, and 7. This session ended recorded to DAT. This covers an echoplex. This material was sampler, various effects units and garage using frame 1 + 2, a I was recorded in my A major portion of Aegis.