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Nathan Hubbard
Cascadia Calling (Live Works 2000-2014) Volume Two
Castor&PolluxMusic 036 (2015)



Nathan Hubbard
Cascadia Calling (live solo works 2000-2014) Volume Two
Castor&Pollux Music 036

1. The Casbah San Diego CA 2_6_2000 28:36
2. Galoka San Diego CA 7_29_2001 43:15
3. Parking Structure IV Level 3 San Diego CA 8_18_2001 22:09
4. Disjecta Portland OR 3_7_2003 22:54
5. KFJC set 1 Los Altos Hills CA 3_9_2003 28:14
6. KFJC set 2 Los Altos Hills CA 3_9_2003 22:15
7. The Space Mission Hills San Diego CA 1_13_2004 22:27
8. The Bomb Shelter Davis CA 10_7_2004 11:59
9. Wonderbread building grain silo San Diego CA 6_3_2005 9:19
10. Sunrise Highway mile marker 36.5 San Diego CA 12_21_2009 16:17
11. La Covacha Ensenada MX 4_25_2014 23:59
12. Encinitas Library Encinitas CA 6_14_2014 16:40

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produced, mixed, archived, cleaned, etc - Nathan Hubbard
executive producer - Kelly Hubbard

track one recorded by Marcos Fernandes, track three recorded by Greg Buhlert, tracks five and six recorded by Grawer, tracks two, seven (as part of the solo//3 series), eight, nine (as part of Spring Reverb Festival 2005), ten (as part of the Three Concert for the Winter Solstice concert), eleven and twelve recorded by Nathan Hubbard

all tracks are complete concerts, except -
several small edits to tracks 3 and 7 due to DAT tape glitches. major ending edit on track 9 due to James Andrew Burton.

thanks Kelly Hubbard, Marcos Fernandes, hans and damon, Vikas Srivastava, Lee Elderton, Greg Buhlert, Noah Mickens, Mitch LeMay, Grawer, Brendan Boyle, Dave Golia, Ivan Trujillo, Esther Rubio, Chris Golinski, Michael Schmitt