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Nathan Hubbard
Cascadia Calling (Live Works 2000-2014) Volume One
Castor&PolluxMusic 035 (2015)



Nathan Hubbard
Cascadia Calling (live solo works 2000-2014) Volume One
Castor&Pollux Music 035

side 1
1. microhole 10:45
2. so....... 12:19

side 2
1. circle within a circle (for Max Neuhaus) 5:56
2. ashland1 6:33
3. ashland2 7:17
4. ashland3 4:09

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produced, mixed, archived, etc - Nathan Hubbard
mastered - Rafter Roberts
side one and track one side two recorded by Greg Buhlert/Nathan Hubbard live in San Diego CA October 11th 2006
side two tracks 2/3/4 recorded by Nate Atwood/Nathan Hubbard live in Ashland OR March 28th 2008
thanks Greg Buhlert, Nate Atwood, Rafter Roberts, Ted Killian, Gina Berrett, Rick Helzer
no edits or overdubs, each set presented in the order performed