12 steps

dealing with it:

During the period from july 2001 - october 2002 i presented a series of concerts called 12 steps. Although this didn't quite work out to 12 solo concerts in 12 months as i had originally planned, this was a great period where i got a lot of work done. It was also a chance to present concerts in many situations they wouldn't normally happen. I've continued this thought process, often stopping on tours for road side concerts or any other strange spots, including the infamous Davis Bomb Shelter. One of these days i'll do my much planned (but never realized) freeway underpass tour......


#1 Sunday, July 29th 2001 Galoka Club/Art Space Birdrock (DAT) (electro/acoustic) chains on rims add hi hat w/ sampler sample chains bowed cymbal to mallets on cymbal (sample off) add skins triangles more skins vs. cymbal dynamics add rim thing vs. cymbals to superballs vs. feet/sampler (whistle) to hands w/ samples (wood) adding feet adding cymbals and rims/wood build sample off slowing down add frame (short stuff) continue bass drum + frame adding bow no feet to cymbal on tom + sample (backwards bells) adding short metal/skin/samples (bb) sound mass w/ heater grate/feet sample to cymbal on tom/gong adding cymbals build to cymbals/frame (add splash MD) wood chimes/wood stuff add feet to claves/rims to chain/cymbal (MD off) build /skins/heater grate/glock bars/flexatone to pulse/feet cross rhythm play the trash to rims add frame feet out frame tremolos (add NOD MD) add cymbals adding to sound mass to frame (egg slicer) ah, he fixed the effects PS on frame vs. loud drums to long ringing frame (fucking with effects) and delay add sample (backwards bells) low frequency (side of frame) add bow (no sample)(no effects) add feedback samples add chains/stick tremolos add toothbrush on cymbal (no sample) to pulse sort of (loud) add snare to rims/gong add shakers to cymbals w/triangle beaters add frame just frame vs. shakers vs. feet loud feet more shakers on drums add glock bars on tom to pulse add rims/cymbals/bass drum slow down to mallets on metal + bowed frame just frame to tibetan bell vs. short kit bursts to sound mass to bass drum/hi hat w/frame (w/ delay) to just frame + gong to gong and bells -42:30

#2 Saturday, August 18th 2001 SDSU Parking Structure IV Level 3 (DAT, MD) (acoustic) pulse/hand bass drum accents add floor tom/small tom cymbal release (ala hauser) also adding crossstick more crossrhythms add hi hat loud hi hat pulse w/ hits mallet build cross to metals to woods w/ glock bars build to rims/wood add bass drum to cymbals/Tibetan bell/spoxe cymbal/crossstick/bass drum to loud skins w/ cymbal to quiet rims add shakers/bass drums loud bass drum w/shaker tremolos then chains then bell plate on floor tom adding wood release (ala hauser) to bowed cymbals to bell plate/bell cymbals adding cymbal swells/triangles/mixing bowl to crap on drums (bowl, flexatone, engelhart) + superballs + chains to chains/metals tremolos vs. superball add bass drum to hands w/ feet brushes to sound mass (small cymbal against big) -23:40 or so, then a nice duet with Lee Elderton





#3 Sunday, September 9th 2001 Lestats Coffee Shop Adams Avenue San Diego (MD, CD from board) (electro/acoustic) loud brushes/chains to sticks fast skin/wood slows down to metals fast ostinato w/ wood over it adding skin + metal stop metal density = bass drum skin (dbl. bass) + oscillating metal -metal (blackwind stuff) add feet + cymbals add bowed frame (+frame) just frame + phase shifter long notes getting busier eggslicer (no PS) then, vs. stuff + sampler to staccato more space + sampler + cymbals (grinding) more cymbals and frame adding skin just drums (mallets) short bursts growing to brushes + bells (plus frame) adding sampler - just grinder sample add quiet stuff (bowed) no sampler - frame (shifter) long bowed notes against quiet agitated stuff adding wood percussion against short frame/drumkit attacks quiet bowed cymbals + mallets on skins growing add feet and cymbals (+snare) dbl. bass skins + frame over + cymbals + frame crescendo short frame sounds (processed) growing just feet + frame feets + hands (skins) snare noise vs. feet sample more hands sample more hands resonant metal w/ feet to scraping sounds more sound mass bells + cymbals + frame to wood + hihat building to bowed cymbals + skin hits to metal building interacting add frame scratchy 33:30 and then very nice solo sets by Bill Horist and Damon Holzborn

#4 Saturday, October 2001 101 Artist Colony 25 East E Street Encinitas (no recording) (electro/acoustic) 1. improvisation 2. the drum also waltzes (max roach) and then the last public performance of the percussion trio NOD

#5 Friday, November 30 2001 Sunrise Highway (MD) (acoustic) 1. shaker short stuff w/ brushes dbl. bass + shaker vs. superball to quiet superball to metals to tremolo stuff more short stuff growing to wood add feet to mallets tremolo vs. feet and other hand to hands to bowed cymbals (car passes) more bow + scratchy bass drum stuff to brushes build add feet to hand (brush) vs. hand (tremolos) tremolos vs. hits build to woods to hands (skin) to superballs (w/ snares) brushes + wood vs. long cymbals cymbals +shaker (car passes) + mallets/skin 15:10 2. loud bass drum vs. wood/click stuff + brush building w/ one handed rolls + stuff to stick stuff on drum (bs. dr. cont.) adding metal + wood to roll stuff to scraping sounds with bass + hand vs. - hand scrapes vs. cymbals to pointillistic stuff building to feet add chains to shaker with feet stuff with chains to hands all that snare stuff slowly adding feet to woods + metal to frantic back to woods/metal frantic to skins to feet w/ two step rim stuff to slow woods slowly adding metals to cymbals 13:15

#6 Saturday, December 2001 101 Artist Colony 25 East E Street Encinitas (no recording) (acoustic) solo improvisation, then duo with curtis glatter (percussion), intermission, then duo with roger riedlbauer (guitar)
#7 Thursday, January 31 2002 Friars Rd. Underpass (MD) (solo frame) (3 cars pass) very high feedback w/ bits of octave pedal frame (car passes) (another car passes) octave pedal/bowed strings changing octaves (car passes) bit more feedback more bowing not so constant here comes the tremolos with bits of high partials, overloading the pignose (car passes) rods w/ octave pedal then cymbals w/ same bits of feedback add phase shifter and pipe wrap (car passes) more, overloading everything I think I'm bowing the small springs….fuck….. w/ octaves (car passes) getting a little sporadic big pause (car passes) no effects egg slicer w/ springs (car passes) play the frame hit everything to frantic bowing sounds w/ wrap sounds loud hits + cymbals (car passes) slow hits w/ sustain + PS loud w/ moments of silence (car passes) -13:00 or so + staticy airhose stuff
#8 Wednesday, March 10 2002 Spruce Street Forum San Diego (MD) (acoustic) resonant metals (mostly on snare) adding hits to bass drum/skins adding cymbals more buzz rolls + rimshots adding rims to cymbal harmonics/metals (hand bells) continuing hits to quasi pulse stuff (xenakis-esque) dbl. Bass sounds good mostly snare pulse against woods to bass vamp (3 in left, 2 in right) 5/8 in hands solo (7/8 and more) vamp continues hands to rims building to sound mass to fast rims + shakers slowing to shakers on reco reco/heads shaker + metals tri. Beater friction stuff to metals on snare adding chains/lens drum/heater grate + feet (a little) + little bells (everywhere) + finger cymbals/glock bars + bells to sound mass to just bells + malleted cymbals to malleted drums to superballs w/ feet stuff feet continue w/ metals adding cymbals (a little) building to glock bar to metal noise (small cymbal/flexatone) to metal beaters on heater grate on floor tom add hi hat + b. drum add shakers to hi hat thing to cymbals against cymbals adding bowed cymbals cross fade 23:00
#9 Thursday, May 23rd 2002 San Diego Museum of Art Balboa Park (MD) (electro/acoustic) cym hit dbl. bass cym hit a little frame more metals frame/cyms in unison then back and forth to stick tremolos/eggslicer to woods (and a little metal) add shaker add dbl. bass and finger cymbals add metal disk across fl. Tom + tom hits more sporatic hits to blasticks (fast) quiet heater grate + shaker + skins add bells to just bells add bowed frame cymbals/strings bowed cymbals to movement stuff different sounds on heads quasi-groove hands vs. feet to fast rims/hihat motor on to frame rods/knives vs. pre. Piano samples to spring tremolos adding feet hits/hands w/ brushes fade out samples brushes on kit build to swishes vs. other hand hits add hand bells/metals/frame

#10 July 24, 2002 DHCC San Marcos (DAT, MD) (electro-acoustic)

1. warm up (good)
2. warm up (bad)
3. for paul
4. the gift
5. in the year of the dragon
6. losing it






#11 Thursday, October 18, 2002 The Space 916 West Washington San Diego (MD) (electro/acoustic) sampler (detuned bells, metal) long time…slow bowed frame (processed) more processing, bowed strings/cymbals very slow development (adding to) back to bow (samples out) more…..interesting EQing lots of sansamp getting thick to kit (toiletbrushes) little bits of frame processed kit staccato vs. brush-type stuff to cymbals vs. b.drum adding drums to sticks (drums) (no processing) into quiet stuff (stick rubs, buzzes) building adding cymbals to woods (tremelos) vs. bass drum more tremelos with metal over to just metals (nice) add pitch shifter (very high) on metals add frame (welding rods/springs) to just frame PS down - long section of frame - slowly adding cactus samples to bowed frame (samples out) adding sticks on cymbals (frame fades) just cymbals (slow) adding hands on drums/b.drum to drums/hihat (1 stick, one hand) add b.drum - two sticks - some cymbals/woods building to sound mass back down to drums adding frame attacks over good integration long section of fast attacks slowing down to unison drum/frame to frame vs. cymbals very quiet fingers on frame vs. brushes brushes gaining prominence to just frame long sounds vs. short adding processed metal over (delay, etc.) long section processing junior conga/PVC tom building adding PS vgetting busier more b.drum to b.drum vs. processed bowed frame to just bowed frame (slow) adding processing and shorter cymbsl sounds add metal samples (gate 6) more bowed strings very open space processing samples (no frame) adding slow drum repetition stuff vs. b.drum add chains on drums then on processed woods add frame to just frame (leaving space) tremolos vs. short attacks t6o accel/deaccel figures overlapping of textures add b.drum/hihat no frame thick drum stuff (sticks) mostly feet and snare adding drums adding feedback samples/DM samples kit slows down to processed metal over samples adding woods and bits of skins to woods tremolos with sharp attacks over to drums (slow) bits of longer sounds between attacks (stick rubs, cymbal friction rubs) to fading call and response fragments 35:00

#12 Saturday October 20th, 2002 Spruce Street Forum San Diego (DAT)