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Nathan Hubbard (compositions 1998-2005)

Discrepancy In Flow II (for John Cage)  

Shards Of Memory (for Morton Feldman) (excerpt)

sundials II

Nathan Hubbard Born On Tuesday

azungu sa ndi tsitsi

gate 6

voice in the machine (for harold hubbard) (excerpt)

Nathan Hubbard Drive (for JS)

(download here)

long form drone piece - 18:59



Nathan Hubbard Aegis II

(download here)

three track noise/glitch EP - about 20 minutes



Nathan Hubbard Aegis I

(download here)

one track noise/cut up EP - 17:20




Performances / Unreleased Recordings -
Nathan Hubbard/Passengers - demo reel - Pattern Field III/II/VII
demo reel, recorded at DHCC March 2011
Nathan Hubbard - i am sitting in a room - Jessica Van Ess, voice
recorded at Palomar College March 2011
Nathan Hubbard - pendulum music
recorded at Palomar College February 2011
Nathan Hubbard - i am standing in a room - ensemble version
recorded at Palomar College October/November 2010
Steps Spiral Downward - Morningstar
demo recording recorded late spring 2010 DHCC

Nathan Hubbard - Pipe Organ Improvisation - 2:34
live recording from St. Nathaniels Church of the Good Thief, San Marcos CA April 29, 2010 - Even saw the lights of the good year blimp . . . . .

Nathan Hubbard/Songbook Trio - Across The Bridge
studio recording at DHCC 2008?
Noah Phillips/Nathan Hubbard - Antiquated Wooden Sock Tester - 6:59
live recording in the pit, KFJC Los Altos Hills May 25th 2007 (it was my 31st b-day)
this track was released on the KFJC compilation
live from the devils triangle vol. 10
Nathan Hubbard Octet - New Land
live recording from a tribute to Max Roach Concert at Dizzys San Diego January 11th 2007
Nathan Hubbard Octet - Keep On Truckin, Brother
live recording from a tribute to Max Roach Concert at Dizzys San Diego January 11th 2007
Nathan Hubbard/Dave Golia - Wedding Music
sound design for Hubbard/Lancaster wedding, recorded Termite Studios Fall 2005
Nathan Hubbard/James Burton - Silo - 3:53
live in the grain silo, Wonderbread Building San Diego, Spring Reverb 2005 (excerpt)
check out the video here
Nathan Hubbard/Ward Baxter - Last Chance - 1:56
electro-acoustic studio improvisation recorded Summer 2004 San Diego
Baxter left the following day for the northwest
Spring Reverb 2003 - MCA Downtown - 21:44
a handheld recording of several act at SR03, recorded as i walked between stages. The artists are as follows - Emily Hay/Jeff Kaiser, anti-Bush Demonstrators (they just happened to be marching down the street), Jacob Riis, Nequaquam Vacuum, Eugene Chadbourne and a bit more Nequaquam. You also hear Marcelo Radulovich, Jason Robinson, Justin Grinnell and the fine folks at TNT.
Nathan Hubbard - solo broadcast at KFJC - part 2
recorded at KFJC 89.7FM Los Altos Hills March 9th 2003 by Grawer
Nathan Hubbard - solo broadcast at KFJC - part 1
recorded at KFJC 89.7FM Los Altos Hills March 9th 2003 by Grawer
Return To One with Rick Helzer - Set 1 - 32:35
live recording June 26th 2002 Dizzys San Diego
the compositions are - in her garden - all is silent - bouts of doubts - its a big world after all
Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard - idle hands - 26:44
studio recording at Palomar College, a duo piece recorded June 23rd 1999 while waiting for Josh Jones to show up......this is the earliest document of this duo.


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Nathan Hubbard interview on The New Jazz Thing 1/07


Nathan Hubbard
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Archive Listening -

Return To One Firecliffs

kaleidoscope moon III

all is silent

lonesome tree

firecliffs (excerpt)

Return To One Hopes And Dreams

solitary lines (delineation of a circular motive)

bells for you

josh jones


Lee Elderton/Nathan Hubbard

The Moon Is Almost Full
Bells And Spheres
The Winding Way
Last Refuge
Firm Believer
For Pat Pfiffner
The Voice Of Reason
Morning Has Arrived

Return To One Promises

(complete zip download)




NOD Three Freaks Lost In A Junkyard

slowly going buhlert