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Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed
Three Lifetimes In The Span Of A Passing Train (Ambient Works Volume One)
Castor&Pollux Music 020

1. for brady
2. sunshine arboretum




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Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed
E.Kornhauser - e piano, pump organ
N.Zakkak - e organ, toy piano, cues
B.Jagow - e bass/electronics
H.Magsino - e bass/electronics, windchimes
N.Atwood - electronics, windchimes
N.Hubbard - windchimes/brooms/crickets, vibraphone/synthesizer

recorded 2009-2012
DHCC + Termite Studios - San Marcos CA
Singing Serpent + House of Floating Lights Studio - San Diego CA

Produced by Shadowfigure
all works copyright N.Hubbard/Castor&Pollux Music 2012
recording, mix and post processing - N.Hubbard
mastering - Rufino Rodriquez
layout/design - N.Hubbard

This recording is for Brady, Elliott, Julia, Neiko, Owen, and Philip.