Castor&Pollux Music

Nathan Hubbard Small Potatoes On The Road To French Fries

Castor and Pollux Music CD000







1. boom 2:30
2. crash 1:45
3. keatettle 6:02
4. dream 1:26
5. slap 1:28
6. splash 2:36
7. blues 1:05
8. bang 1:43
9. hey 1:03
10. everything 1:37
11. dave 1:02
12. prepare 3:34
13. what? 2:05
14. no 1:24
15. goose 0:36
nathan michael hubbard - vocals, multiple drum-sets, shaker, cowbell, hand-drums, hubcaps, various sheets of metal, static, screaming, mouth-harp, stomping, clapping, various hee-haws, vibraphone, body percussion, large oil-drum, gargling, squeaky styrofoam, water-drums, goat hooves, gongs, street light reflectors, spoxe, berimbau, pitch-shifted humming, dryer and various junk, conch shell chanting, finger cymbals, pitch-shifted water dispensor, various backwards bells and tambourine, prepared piano, sloppy drumming, answering machines messages and various other craziness…

with special guests-
kelly michelle lancaster - (trks. 4, 10) backwards and forwards vocals
jessica anne wintje - (trks. 2,6) teeth squeaking and tea kettle manipulations
dave (middle name unknown) golia - (trk. 11) answering machine pontifications
older goose - (trk. 15) hissing and honking
bill and mill (younger geese) - (trk. 12) cheeping and general rowdiness

small potatoes on the road to french fries
recorded in nathans garage, bedroom, bathtub, kitchen, and goose pen. tracks one, two, five, six, and eight recorded january eleventh, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. all other tracks recorded summer/fall nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. artwork by diane hubbard. special thanks to - zach d., ward (for the mics), dave, danny and lee (for the extra push).