Castor&Pollux Music

Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed
New Encinitas
Castor&Pollux Music 022

1. here comes the sharks
2. still the black sheep
3. my view versus your view
4. new encinitas blues




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Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed
Ian Tordella - tenor saxophone, thumb piano
This Is The Summer Of Ed - synthesizer
G1 - e bass/electronics
Pad Say-OW! - e bass/electronics
bartholomew the auslander - drumkit, sunburnt tapes
N2 - electronics
+ + +
The Scorpion Decides
Keith Kelly - soprano + tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Branson Nejame - e piano/electronics
Jerome Salazar - e bass, no input pedals
Nathan Hubbard - drum loops, mbiraframe 1 + 2

Produced by Shadowfigure
all pieces copyright The Scorpion Decides and Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed, Castor&Pollux Music 2012
recording, editing, post-processing - N.Hubbard
mix - N.Hubbard, Rufino Rodriguez
gift of a four track, mastering - Rufino Rodriguez
photo/layout - N.Hubbard

recorded May-October 2012
Number Six Studios Tempe AZ
Singing Serpent San Diego CA
Casa De Scorpion Chandler AZ
House of Floating Lights Studio San Diego CA

This record is for Teo Macero.
Thanks to _____ _______ for stealing my Neil Young records.
Also, thanks to the Interstate 5 + 8, Arizona State Route 238, Brittany Road, Mr. + Mrs. DPH, and The Invisible Three.
The desert will prevail.