Castor&Pollux Music

Nathan Hubbard ER Quartet
Lattice Trust
Castor&Pollux Music 042

1. lattice trust 29:29

2. echo corner 8:18
3. ER 8:05


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Nathan Hubbard - vibraphone, tone bells, bell lyre, toy piano, circuit bent keyboard, mbira-frame, radio, samples/field recordings

G.E. Stinson - electric guitar, electronics + implements Steuart Liebig - electric bass, electronics + implements Alex Cline - drumkit, percussion

Recorded Sunday December 7th 2014 at the Eaglerock Cultural Center, Eaglerock CA, as part of the Open Gate Theatre concert series

James Andrew Burton - recording engineer Nathan Hubbard - editing, mix and overdub engineer Overdubs recorded January-March 2015 House of Floating Lights Studio San Diego CA + DHCC San Marcos CA Field recordings recorded 2007-2015 Austin TX, Tijuana MX, San Diego CA, etc., by Nathan Hubbard Rafter Roberts - mastering engineer
Nathan Hubbard - recording and mix engineer
Field recordings recorded CA/AZ/Baja MX 2011-2016 Nathan Hubbard - engineer
Photos/layout - Nathan Hubbard
Group photo - Scott Heustis
All pieces copyright 2014 Nathan Hubbard (Castor&Pollux Music), G.E. Stinson (Echo Hawk Music BMI), Steuart Liebig (Sisong Music ASCAP), Alex Cline (Singing Feathers Music BMI). Thanks to - Alex Cline, G.E. Stinson, Steuart Liebig, James Andrew Burton, Will Salmon, Brad Dutz, Scott Heustis, Kelly/Julia/Elliott/Henry Hubbard, Rafter Roberts, Gina Berrett, Kenseth Thibideau.