Castor&Pollux Music

Nathan Hubbard
Drive (for JS)

Castor and Pollux Music CD015

1. drive





field recordings, teakettles, radio, feedback
recorded 2006 - 2008 - I-5/DPH Studios/Termite Studios - Nathan Hubbard, engineer
Mastering - Steve Langdon
Artwork - Nathan Hubbard

copyright 2008 Nathan Hubbard/Castor and Pollux Music

for Jesse Sanderson

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San Diego CityBeat's 2011 Great Demo Review - NATHAN HUBBARD
Drive (for JS)
Using tea kettles, radio transmissions, feedback from a vase and a recording of some construction workers grinding the freeway late at night, Hubbard—a member of the storied Trummerflora Collective who plays drums in Rafter’s band—creates a 19-minute opus of interwoven drone tones. There’s a sucking sound like a vacuum cleaner from another side of a wall, piercing pitches that could get a dog barking, ominous bottom-end rumbling and more, all of it coming together to evoke a feeling of quiet, gnawing dread. David Lynch should use this in his next movie.
—Peter Holslin