Castor&Pollux Music

Curtis Glatter Brindle-Spinet

Castor and Pollux Music CD014

1. Brindle-Spinet
for percussion and electronics
2. Serengeti Canopy
for tape and electronics
3. Finale-Gigue for Baby Jolly
for tape and electronics
Recorded 2001-2007 - Curtis Glatter
Digital Transfer and Mix Nathan Hubbard
The most recent release from Curtis Glatter, Brindle Spinet collects four of Glatters amazing electro-acoustic pieces from 2001 to 2007 into one collection. Brindle Spinet is one of Glatters noisiest pieces, where his hybrid trap kit interacts with his noisy electronics. Serengeti Canopy find Glatter in serious drone mode, slowly moving between meditation and abandon. Eric is the shortest piece in this collection, a humurous piece that showcases Glatters amazing ear for the perfect sample. We end with Finale, an extended piece of clashing samples from different cultures meet and collide.