Castor&Pollux Music

Nathan Hubbard Aegis II

Castor and Pollux Music CD014

1. random
2. pinky
3. glitch

recorded 10/07 + 9/09 DPH Studios, Termite Studios - Nathan Hubbard, engineer
Mastering - Steve Langdon
Artwork - Nathan Hubbard

copyright 2008 Nathan Hubbard/Castor and Pollux Music

download/listen/etc. here

San Diego CityBeat's 2011 Great Demo Review -

Aegis II

Hubbard couldn’t reasonably have expected a good review of this almost unlistenable 3-inch CD. It’s just 18 minutes of pure noise! But it’s interesting how he molds noise like clay: “Pinky” sounds like a dialup modem gone mad while “Glitch” and “Random” are sculptured works of distortion and feedback. The average listener would no doubt hate this, or just not get it, but fans of Merzbow and Wolf Eyes would dig it. —Peter Holslin